What are malls in CE?
Malls are one of the ways that you can sell items to make credits. In this case you are selling to the NPC world that the mall is located and not to any other player.

What can be sold?
Basically anything, but to know which mall you need to sell an item you should check out This Link in the CEDR under any of the Mall descriptions. There is a second link from there to the Mega Malls. Use this opportunity to decide what you want to sell through the mall. You will make more (roughly triple) than selling to Joe and usually more per item than you can get on the GBM. But the sales rate is slow.

How do I get a mall?
Malls can crafted, purchased from the CE Store and Festive Center, and built at your Genesis plot. Check the in game CEDR for the mode of the mall you need.

I have a mall, now what?
Find a Promenade Mall service on a promenade. They aren’t everywhere so use the Promenade Finder to find a convenient one for you.
There will be a fee involved to place your mall. It will also use 5 structure points (unless you have a CES model) and there is a Negotiation skill requirement.

Next you need to move the items you want to sell into the local Commercial Store. Once there you can move them into the mall by clicking on the Manage button which brings you to the Mall Store Management Screen. Below is a Super Store (Commercial NPC) that has already been stocked. Green blocks are capable of being stocked, grey ones are unavailable due to your store size. It’s best to use the largest malls your level and skill can support so that you can sell the most goods. Click on a green block to select an item to sell in that store section and set the quantity to put on sale. Stores must sell a different item each section, no duplication.

Of special note is the Store Capacity at the bottom left. This is the total stock supported across the entire store, not the max amount for each item.

How do I get paid?
You will receive a mail for each mall twice per day with credits attached. Random is at play here, so the check amounts tend to vary +/-10%. Don’t forget to check your mail every few days to collect the credits.

You will want to get into the habit of checking the store stock levels. This can be done with the View Malls report or by checking in as you pass through the system with the mall. The View Malls report only shows the total stock of the store, it will not inform you when one of the store sections is empty. Expect to stop by once or twice a week.

Malls do not expire like extractors, or time out like a factory, but they do stop making money when the stock reaches zero.