I purchased an item and its not listed for fitting?

Most items in the game that you are going to use or fit to your ship have two requirements. One is the Captain Level. The other is a skill requirement. You must meet these requirements to be able to fit use items.

Say you purchased a new shiny gun from one of the many weapons stores on the promenades, and when it comes to fitting it does not appear in the list of weapons to fit? That will likely be due to a lack of captain level.

A quick visit to your ships store and a look at the information relating to the weapon will confirm that A: it exists in your ship store and B: you don’t have the level to use it yet.

Your captain level is displayed on the main screen to the left just under the left hand menu drop down.

Do you need a special vehicle to explore a planet?

Yes since October 31st 2011 when exploration on planets was overhauled :


Exploration and Colonisation Universal Planetary Vehicle

Engineered and designed by Tolaris Systems this is the latest in All Terrain Planetary Vehicles. Refereed to for short as an ECO or Buggy by those that test drove it during trials.

The Buggy is capable of surviving anything up to a Class 20 Planet environment. It copes with extreme high temperatures and can even navigate water and other corrosive expanses of liquids. The Buggy comes fitted with full life support for one, and has more than ample cargo space to store a wide variety of exploration finds.

Each ECO is equipped with an aerial drone. This follows at a safe altitude sending back digital imagery of where the ECO is located. ECO’s are designed to reside in the ships specials bay and will be automatically deployed when required.

The only draw back to the ECO is that removing the hardwired ECO system from a slot once fitted requires the ECO to be fully repaired. But on the good side they can be repaired with Planetary Vehicles Kits whilst exploring.

Required Level 15 / Repair via Planetary Vehicles Kits

This item is player crafted and also has player crafter repair kits.

What is an Exploration Mech?

When in the Expanse you will come across planets with no docking ring. This does not mean that the planet is not inhabited. There is a good chance that it is a Jovoran planet. If it is, then that planet has to be conquered. To this we use the Exploration Mechs.

These are used in the same way as Exploration EDK’s, with similar end results, either a positive outcome, a negative outcome or no result.

Now you get 50 Explorations per day the same as with normal exploration, however the big difference here is that you may not use 50 Mechs to do 50 explorations. If you get a negative result you will lose your Mech, but if you get a positive result or no result then your Mech is returned and can be re-used. So if you have a very lucky day you may only use a total of 10 Mechs to do all 50 explorations, on a bad day you could use 50 Mechs to do the same 50 explorations.

See also this short guide on Combat Exploration Mechs.


What are Basic Survey Drones?

When you first enter a new system in the Expanse you can only get as far as the Jumpgate from this position the system is not known to your Navigation Computer. So before you can progress into the system you first need to survey it.

This is currently done with the aid of Basic Survey Drones. These have to be crafted first and for each 1 unit crafted you get 10 Survey drones.

Each 24 hour period you get 200 survey drone uses and 1 use equals 1 drone so if you wish to do 200 surveys you would use 200 drones.

The use of drones is the same as for exploration EDK’s on explorable planets, namely you deploy a drone and it either returns a positive result, a negative result or no result. The one part which is different is that with each positive result it add 1 point to what is know as Astrogation Scanning.

Now each system has set number of Astrogration Scanning Points and once you reach that number via positive survey results the whole system become available to you Navigation Computer and you are able to see everything in the system.

Once you have fully surveyed a system it is then treated as a normal system by your Navigation Computer and you may come and go from the system as normal without having to re-survey the system.

Also ever player has to survey every system for themself before he/she can progress further into the Expanse.

I want to start exploring, how do I begin?

First of all, you need to be at least at level 15. Once you achieve that level, go to Ron Micah on Presidium in Palolon and do ALL of his missions. When you’ve completed the series, he will give you a set of landing gear which will enable you to land on planets which have no docking rings.

Secondly, you need choose your planet carefully.

On the left hand side drop down menu (under System Options) select ‘Galactic Exploration’. This will give you a list of all the planets currently being explored, how much of each planet has been explored so far and the name of the chief explorer. Try to choose one which has a very low exploration percentage because a high percentage shows that the chief explorer has been working on that planet for a long time and may get upset if someone else comes in and starts exploring without asking first.

Once you’ve chosen your planet, cross reference it with the Galactic Map and see where it’s located and what other inhabited planets are nearby. Ideally, unless you have a lot of fuel and cargo space, you need to be at least in the next system to a Commercial Storage and CSTS facility so you can store anything you find while exploring. It’s a good idea to fit a Minos Transporter to your ship so you can take off from the planet and transport your finds to a Commercial Store immediately without having to waste fuel taking them there in your ship.

Minos Transporters can only be bought in the Core Exiles store – with ‘real’ money – but they’re well worth it. Buy the best you can afford because the higher number models have a longer range. It is essential to get your finds safely stored in a Commercial Store because one of the regular hazards of exploration is pirates.

They make a very large hole in your hull AND steal everything in your cargo hold – which is not a good experience if they catch you with a nice collection of items which you haven’t yet been able to transport. Some items go straight into your ship store (which is different from the cargo hold) and you don’t have to worry about those being stolen.

You can easily tell the difference between the two types of find because the ‘steal-able’ items will show up as a number on your cargo capacity indicator and the others won’t.

Thirdly, you need exploration packs. These come in three grades according to the danger level of the planet being explored. Basics are for planets with level 1 through 6, Generics are for planets with level 7 through 12 and Advanced are for planets with level 13 through 20. The danger level is shown on the information which appears when you land on a planet. In order to use these packs you need sufficient survey skill points. You need a minimum of 30 survey points to use Basic kits. Each grade of kit needs more points and a higher level, so to use Generics you need to be at level 20 with a survey skill of 70 and Advanced need level 30 with a survey skill of 120.

Exploration packs can be bought from other players or from the Galactic Buyers’ Market. IRC chat (the little speech bubble on the strip at the bottom of the screen) enables you to talk to other players ‘live’ so you can ask questions, negotiate with them to buy and sell items and just generally chat. Several of the regulars there make exploration kits of various grades and they’re always happy to sell them – and they will often give you a discount in exchange for resources.

When you first start exploring you can only do 50 explorations in a 24 hour period. If you fit a Seraphim Pod Type 1 you can do 70 each time, but you need to have reached at least level 20 to use it, a Type 2 will enable you to do 80 and requires a level of 45 and Type 3 will enable you to do 90 but requires a level of 55. Seraphim Pods can be bought on the Market or from other players.

If you want to be really adventurous and explore in Expanse, you will need an Intergalactic Telemetry Beacon – but you need to be at least level 30 to use one. ITBs can be obtained from Marshal Decker on Ikora in Grantham. Like Ron Micah, he gives it to you when you’ve completed all his missions.

He needs a red crystal for one of the missions, so joining IRC chat is a good way to get one. One important thing to remember is that Minos Transporters will not work in Expanse, so you must transport your finds to a Commercial Store yourself. Another is that Torra Donnagan on Coalition-1 in Yam will give you 5 generic exploration kits in exchange for quantities of certain items. Check out her requirements (it will help if you write them down because she is very picky and only wants seven types of finds).

Exploring is great fun and a very good way of getting XP and credits. Obviously, there are days when you have nothing but a run of bad luck, but there are many others when everything is going right and you finish your session with over 2m credits in your account and another 200k or more XP – not to mention all the things you’ve found which you can trade and so make even more money – and if you happen to be the Chief Explorer and ‘your’ planet is eventually 100% explored, you get a million credits and your name on the news ticker!

Why has my Bug been Closed?

You have likely been sent a link to this FAQ because your bug report was recently closed.

Whilst we would like to thank you for the time and effort taken to log a bug we would also like to remind you that we require a minimum amount of details before we can start to process a bug.

Try to think of it from our point of view, there are several thousand pages of CE code with dozens of professions and 100’s of various activities in CE. Simply stating a one-liner immediately handicaps our efforts to help you and locate and possibly resolve the issue.

We tend to find that a lot of bugs logged by players are in fact not bugs, but a players misunderstanding of how that part of the game or code works. So help us to help you and we can move quickly on your reported bug or at least inform you of your mistaken assumption.

When logging a bug start with the basics – an over view of the issue. Then relate to us your location and when it happened. Perhaps it’s related to what you did directly before or after you spotted the problem, so tell us that if it’s relevant.

There are 1000’s of locations in CE and Six Galaxies, so help us by telling us where you were at the time. If in an office or store which one. If you’re reporting an issue with Stores or Items tell us the item name or resource names, don’t assume we will know what you mean by using abbreviations.
Also, we don’t know what your computer internet situation is like so let us know if there is any extra circumstances you think we should be aware of IE slow intermittent connect, a problem perhaps with dropped pages each day during play etc.

You bug was closed not because we don’t care but because it did not contain enough information for us to make a sensible start without first spending valuable time trying to figure out what you should have told us in the beginning.

Lastly, when logging a bug it is your responsibility to monitor that bug and its feedback. More often than not we will ask for more details or more feedback on certain points. Sometimes we will add a fix and ask you to test that fix. All communications are done through your registered CE email address. When the bug is closed you will of course be emailed with the outcome.

You are welcome to log the bug again but please review what we are saying here and add as much details as you can. Spending five minutes your end often saves us several hours on our end.

Changing Passwords?

You will need to change EACH password you use in the various Core-Exiles systems separately. Whilst we create your initial password for both the Game and Bug track, when resetting / changing one these are done separately.

This ensures no one can access one of your accounts and globally reset ALL your game passwords.

This includes the CE community forums. Accounts here are made by yourself manually and therefore the passwords can be reset their separately as well.

Your primary game password can be reset from the login portal or once in game.

All passwords are reset by sending details to your REGISTERED email address. please ensure this is kept up to date in all instances.

An old account re-activated?

The short answer is No. If an account has actually been deleted from our systems then its gone.

We have a 365 day inactivity policy which will mark the account for deletion at the next maintenance period.

Simply logging in at any time reset the 365 clock.

Items that were purchased via the CE store are also deleted at that time as items are linked to the account.


I can’t log in?

There are a number of possible reasons why you might have trouble logging in. It is best that you contact a member of Staff or GM.

Please keep in mind to protect everyone’s game account we cannot access or give out passwords. If you have forgotten your captain’s name you can log into the game chat using the link below:

Core Exiles Discord Chat

Then ask to talk to a staff member. They will then ask you for your email address and they can then look up your account using that information. They will give you the captain name you signed up with and then you can reset your password if you can’t remember it.

I’ve forgotten my Captain’s name and password. Can you send it to me?

To protect everyone’s game account we cannot access or give out passwords. If you have forgotten your captain’s name you can log into the game chat using the link below:

Core Exiles Discord Chat

Then ask to talk to a staff member. They will then ask you for your email address and they can then look up your account using that information. They will give you the captain name you signed up with and then you can reset your password if you can’t remember it.

How do I change my Game Password?

You can change your password to access your game account at any time by clicking on the top left pull out panel, under “Game Info”, and selecting “Edit Your Details”

You will be taken to the “Edit Your User Details” page where you can type in a new password, then confirm the password. After you have typed in the new password in those two boxes click on the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the page.

You can then close the page and return to the game by clicking on the “Exit User Details” text.

Do accounts get deleted?

Core-Exiles prides itself on being as fair as we can. We allow you you play a FREE account for as long as you like completely for free, but we do have a few rules regarding your account you will need to bear in mind.

Email Prunes : We prune all in game mail each week that is older than 14 days, and 30 days in the archives. With 1000’s of players we end up with 100,000’s of emails each week being generated and we try our best to keep the Core-Exiles database trim and responsive.

Account Inactivity Deletion :  We allow an account to be inactive for up to 365 days. Once the 365 days of inactivity is up your account and all its possessions will be deleted from the database on the next maintenance period

When we refer to inactivity that means you have not logged in to the account during this period. Simply logging back in resets the inactivity timer.

This should be noted should you be going away on an extended holiday or perhaps you are in the Armed Forces and going away on detachment where you may not have access to the Internet.

Once an account is deleted it is not possible for us to restore it.

PA Accounts : Whilst an account has Premium Account status it will be exempt from deletion. Keeping an account in P.A. status ensures it is never deleted from the database. It does NOT affect the 14 day email prune which is server wide

Whats the Captain’s Log

The Captain’s Log forms a useful action in tracking your whereabouts and also you’re earning and spending habits.

Each time you ‘do’ or ‘visit’ a key action / location within the game, your log is stamped with the relevant information.

We store up to 14 days worth of this information, but for your benefit we display only the last 100 entries into the Captain Log.

It can come in handy when you can’t remember if you did or didn’t purchase the items or where you came from ten minutes ago 😉

Admin Log: We also run an Admin log this tracks almost every action you take within the game. This is so we can monitor and track those players attempting to push the rules and in some cases locate exploits to use for financial or Character gain.

PA Account Bonus (Official)

We have been asked to provide an Official Premium Account bonus listing. This covers the ‘Current’ benefits. Premium Account time can be purchased through the Official CE store or you can win it from our many competitions we run.

Main Bonus
2 Extra Fuel per game Tick (every 15 mins)

Pod Engineering
Only Accounts with valid Premium Account status can build items using ‘Blue Prints’ to build Pods. This process is called Engineering. This should not be confused with ‘Crafting’ which uses Schematics.
You do NOT lose Blue Prints or Engineered items if your PA expires, but you will be unable to continue Engineering until your account returns to PA Status.

Bad Event Reduction
Reduction by up to 30% of Bad events. Events happen when you pass level 10. These can be good or bad or passive. A PA account is likely to suffer UP TO 30% less bad events over time. (This was set to 30% recently after a rebalance of the Events.)

+2 GBM Listing
The GBM is a open market place for captains to place contracts for resources to be ‘filled’ by other players. A PA status account can add an additional 2 GBM contracts.

IP to IP Trading
This one is possibly the most important. A while back we changed the IP trading rules (Found HERE) This means that whilst you and your friends / family CAN play on the same IP you may not trade with another player on the same IP unless both parties are active PA accounts.

Simply put if you and your brother / sister / friend want to play from the same IP address and trade items / credits you will need to BOTH have an active PA account status.

I keep ending back at the User Details Page Why ?

When you signed up for a Free account at Core-Exiles we asked you for some initial data about yourself. Forename, surname, email address. These we store and use should there ever be an issue that requires us to check an issue with your account. We don’t store this data for any other reason that this.

When you first login you are taken to the User Details Page. From here you can edit various things, including giving your ship a name. Once you have done this you can exit using the link in the top right corner. There is no need to change or enter your password unless you wish to.

So why do you end up back there when you login in next time or subsequent times?

You will notice that certain fields have an asterisk next to them. These fields have either been filled with duff blank or dubious information by yourself or we have replaced them with the default text ‘Please Enter’. You will keep returning to this page until you enter realistic data in these fields.

We don’t ask for much, just that you are honest with us about your name and your email address. You can play Core-Exiles for free for ever as long as we have these details. Again they are only used for security verification and not passed on to any third party.

So if you find you are returned to the User Details Page when you login its because we have detected that the data provided is insufficient for a security check or you simply blanked it out. Fill in the missing data and then exist using the top right link.

Again you do NOT need to enter or change your password unless you intend to change it.

Should you feel you are unwilling for some reason to share these details with us please use the ‘Terminate Your Account’ option in your player Bio accessed from the Blue footer bar.

Continued removal of personal data will lead to your account being suspended for security reasons.

Recommend a Friend Program (RAF)

We are relaunching a Recommend a Friend program today. In its most basic format it means that we will reward you and your friends for coming to play and stay with Core-Exiles. This takes the format of a two tier reward system.

Tier One Rewards – Friend attains Level 20

Both you and your Friend will each receive the following:

2 Months Premium Account
1 X IP Reset
5K Fuel Ticket
C.S.I. Pack 1 – (Trade Filter Pack)
C.S.I. Pack 2 – (Combat Filter Pack)
Profession XP Booster Type 1 (10%) 10 Pack
Profession XP Booster Type 2 (20%) 10 Pack
Profession XP Booster Type 3 (30%) 10 Pack
4 X Large Mech Packs

That’s over a $100 in value of items from the Core-Exiles Store EACH!

Tier Two Rewards – Friend attains Level 35
For you there is a special prize. 2X RAF Extractor (types of your choosing) These are unique in that they cannot be manufactured in game, bought from a store nor are they sold in the CE official store! The only way to get these items is through the Recommend a Friend program!

RAF Extractors are extractors that operate in the same was normal commercial extractors but do NOT require ANY Structure Points to place! They are how ever locked to your account and cannot be traded.

Your invited friend also gets 2 X Industrial Extractor (types of their choosing).

# Guides & Rules
1: You may invite and recommend as many players as you like.
2: Your ‘friend’ must add your EXACT captain name (without the captain) to the ‘Recommend by’ field when creating their account.
3: Claims must be done though the in game Recommend A friend Claim page in game. Top Left drop down.
4: All claims are verified during the processing of the claim. This may take up to 24 hours.
5: Invited friend must be Level 20 or higher to make a stage one Claim and 35 or higher to make a stage 2 claim.
6: There is a Limit of 4 Moho Extractors per account. You may still claim past this point but only your friend will receive the Industrial Extractor.
7: During the claim process both captains are emailed and kept informed of the process.
8: The R.A.F Program is open to all Core-Exiles Players including Staff.

Special Note: As with all ‘offers’ that involve in game rewards there is a temptation by some to try and get around the system. Anyone found to be trying to use the process to simply collect rewards with bogus accounts will find themselves dealt with promptly and severely. The claim process is moderated by senior staff and the two accounts logs reviewed prior to prizes being awarded.

The Recommend a Friend program is to increase the Core-Exiles population whilst giving something back to those who take the time to spread the word about core-exiles.

Your responsibility: It is your own responsibility to keep track of your invitees. They are after all meant to be your friends :) Please do not ask us for details on who you have invited or their status. This is your responsibility, invite, help them get started and them make the claims at the appropriate time.

What is an IP reset

So many players come back to us a few days into the game and enquire how to undo the mistaken spending they have done in skills they found they later didn’t need after all. Well because of this we have implemented an IP Reset Service.

You are Allocated ONE FREE IP reset point when you create a new Captain. This can be spent at any time throughout your Captain’s career.

As an added bonus and because we realise that it can happen more than once, we allocate an IP reset point every 20 Levels. So by the time you reach Level 60 you could have three IP reset points stashed away if you haven’t used one by then.

Rules: There are some strict rules in place that have to be adhered to before you can successfully reset your IP. Please read carefully. These rules are in place to stop cheating and exploitation of in game functions. They are not there to make your life difficult, no matter how true that may appear.

Ships Equipment: All ship’s equipment apart from Engines MUST be removed prior to a successfully reset.

Implants: You must remove ANY and ALL Implants you may have fitted prior to a successfully reset.

Extractors: All Extractors must be removed from active duty prior to a successfully reset.

Factories: All Factories must be removed from any Gleso slots prior to a successfully reset.

Malls: All Malls must be removed from any Promenade Mall prior to a successfully reset.

Drones: Any Mining drones you have in active service must be recalled.

We realise this is quite an undertaking, but it is necessary to remove any chances of exploitation through the use of IP resets. It will probably take you a while to comply with this, so prepare some time aside for resetting your IP.

Once you are ready, simply click the ‘Reset IP skills’ Button. At this stage, the system will run a pre-check to ensure you have met all the criteria above. Should that fail, you will not get to go any further. If you pass this, you will be prompted to confirm the reset.

Past this point, undoing the rest is impossible. So ensure you are 100% sure! Once the reset is completed, you will be told so and the amount of IP placed back into your ‘Unallocated IP’ pool.

Remember you just reset all your skills, so you will need to re-spend IP to refit items like Power Plants, Weapons, Cargo expanders etc.

It keeps telling me I’m exploiting the game?

Core-Exiles is a web based game and therefore is subject to the issues that can often affect browser based games. We work VERY hard to ensure that EVERYONE plays on a level playing field. IE we don’t allow cheating or exploits and investigate all instances.

But as the game is web based and relies on your connection and the internet as a whole sometimes things can cause the server to ‘suspect‘ your last action was a possible exploit attempt.

Now of course not every ‘detected exploit’ is a REAL exploit, most are simply where a player uses ‘Back or Refresh’ on their browser, or perhaps tried to access a page directly from a bookmark or browser restart. Also slow loading pages where you get a dead screen or perhaps you attempted to double process the same page.

Most of the issues we see are from slow loading pages (due to ISP or DNS issues somewhere on the web) and the player taking advantage of this by trying to get in several clicks on the same screen.

These are detected as exploits and logged. The logs are then reviewed by a ‘Human’ member of staff. We sift the obvious exploits from the ‘internet browser issues’. Those we feel need investigating will be sent a PM and asked to READ this FAQ and respond to us in turn.

We NEVER block an account without first contacting the user, unless the account is actually showing open exploitation or breaks our terms of service (those you agreed to when creating the account and after logging in).

We appreciate that being logged out sometimes when an exploit message is shown can be ‘irritating’ but as explained above this is for the security of the game as a whole. If you are having issue connecting to CE and pages load slowly it might be time to run a trace-route and see where your issue lies.

Our servers sit on very well maintained and highly serviced redundant back bone to the internet. Our sever hardware is leading quality so you can be sure 99.9% of the time if you have a connection issue it lies elsewhere than with our servers.

Why cant I log in to the Forums?

First a simple question. Did you go and create a Forum account?

We don’t create forum accounts automatically. Not everyone wants to use a forum and bogging down the community forums with dead accounts seems somewhat pointless. 🙂

Visit the Community Forums

Create an account using your Captains in game name.  Please try to use the same email address. That way should there be an issue we have a way to verify who you are.

All accounts are hand moderated, so you will find a short pause between applying and the account being activated. Again this protects you and us from spammers.




My Son Daughter would like to play as well?

Core-Exiles allows you to create ONE FREE account per person. You and your family friends may each have a single free account connecting from the same location.

The only restriction we place is on ‘same location trading’. If you want to trade items credits etc with your family or friends from the same location you will need to both upgrade your accounts to Premium Status.

You can obtain PA status in monthly blocks either form the CE Store, or the in game Festive Store (using festive game points) or simply voting for us and collecting gold coins and trading them in for PA and fuel.


How can i get more fuel by voting?

You start the process by clicking on the little thumbs up icon in the lower right corner of the screen. (Will say “Vote for CE Vote Daily & Grab A 200 Free Fuel Ticket” when you mouse over the icon)

Click on the “Begin Voting Process” to start out.

It will bring up a new page listing a site to vote for Core-Exiles on. Click on the voting page link, then click on “Continue Voting Process”.

NOTE: You can not click on the “Continue Voting Process” until you have clicked on the image of the voting page to bring that page up to vote on.

You will repeat the voting process until you get the page with the “Finish” button on it. Once you click on “Finish” you will get 200 fuel and also be entered into winning a prize at the end of the month.

Please Note: The process will automatically figure out if you could not access a voting site due to it being offline or having issues being displayed. It does not mean you will loose out as long as you attempted by clicking the image buttons.

How do i use the commercial store transport service?

The Commercial Store Transport Service or C.S.T.S. as they are more commonly known is an offshoot of the Commercial storage service supplied on many stations.

CSTS handles the transportation of your stored goods from the local Commercial Store to a remote one. They do it quickly and cheaply. They can ONLY transport items you have in stock at the local Commercial Store and only transport them to a destination that has a Commercial Store. Resources are NOT stored by the CSTS only transported on your behalf.

Where’s My Goods: If you enter a CSTS Office and find its empty then you have no resources at this local Commercial Store to transport. You need to be AT the location the resources are stored to be able to order the shipping to a remote destination.

Transport: Once you locate the resource you wish to transfer click the ‘Transport’ button and you will be met with a screen that allows you to arrange the transportation of the chosen resource to a destination of your choosing.

Please, take the time to read the instructions on this screen. They point out that they are not responsible for YOU sending goods to the wrong location, and that the list available is of existing Commercial Stores NOT CSTS Offices.

NOT ALL Promenades that have Commercial Stores have CSTS offices. The haulage company may be able to deliver to a location but you need to ensure its the correct destination as there may NOT be a CSTS office at the destination to reverse a misplaced cargo.

Next Select the Amount to Transfer. The default figure is the entire amount, but you may not wish to move that much. Then using the Drop down select the destination.

Once you are done select the ‘Transport Goods’ button. If you have enough credits and you haven’t selected to move more than you have in stock you will get a confirmation the goods have been dispatched. Generally speaking the goods will always get there before you do.

Deposit to Guild: If you are a member of a Guild you can choose to directly ship your goods to the Guild Store. This still costs 1 Credit per unit and does NOT give you the option to send partial amounts but it will safely transfer the entire amount to your Guild Stores. If you are not in a Guild this option will not be available to you.

Costs: Always bear in mind that transporting resources in this method is not free. Its a flat charge of 1 Credit per unit of resources. If you don”t have the credits you can’t transport the goods.

How do I get more Energy for my ship?

There is a basic premise used in Core-Exiles in relation to energy. It’s simple to grasp and easy to understand once explained.

Energy is shown on the tool bar as XXX where XXX equals the amount of energy you have available hovering over shows the maximum energy your ship is ‘currently’ producing.

When you first login to the game on a new account it will be showing 500 current and 500 max. This means you have 500 energy remaining to use out of a maximum of 500 being produced by your ship. (The ship itself is generating the starter 500 energy for you).

So how do I increase my energy?

Well first lets understand what happens is we fit something to our ship that uses energy.
Lets say you fit a Mining Laser. If you fitted a mining laser that for argument’s sake used 100 energy your energy reading on the bar would change to 400 (500).

If you removed the Mining laser the figures would go back up to 500 (500).

So as you can see as you add items to your ship they take energy FROM your reserve XXX figure.
Increasing your energy can be achieved in many different ways. Lets look at the options. First you ‘could’ simply purchase a Reactor from a Store or fellow players Emporium. Your ship can FIT TWO reactors and each one would add to your maximum.

Or you could fit ‘specials‘ or ‘pods‘ to your ship that act as energy boosters to raise the maximum output.

Lastly you could simply purchase a larger Engine for your ship from the Official CE Store. Each engine also comes with an energy boost.

So that’s three different methods, the most common is starting with a Reactor (look them up in the CEDR).

Does the game have a notes facility?

There is a notepad facility inside the game.

This is available from the notepad icon on the bottom blue bar of the game. Please note you MUST save the entries each time you update them and you can rename the tabs using the ‘Rename Tabs’ option at the bottom of the notes window.

Those who do really well in CE tend to keep a pad and pen next to them, taking notes in the early days of where they have been and important landmarks they may want to check out later. It’s not compulsory, but CE is not the kind of game you’re going to master in a day and complete in a weekend.

What is a Passenger Manifest

The passenger manifest can be accessed from the Top Right pull out Tab ‘View Tasks‘ from there click Passengers Onboard.

Carrying Passengers can be a lucrative business. Of course, you need to invest in a Passenger Cabin and that means sinking IP into the Device skill, but at the end of the day that’s a safe line to sink skill points into.

Class & Destination: From here you can view ANY passengers you have onboard. Once a passenger accepts a ride with your Ship they are added automatically to your ships Passenger Manifest.

You can see their names, their Class, destination and the destination System and Galaxy. Also, this screen displays how much you will be paid when the passenger disembarks at their destination.

Drop Here: Whilst it’s not a suggested formula for making friends, you can, should you choose, to force a passenger to leave the ship when docked at a promenade. The passenger will leave the ship, freeing up the cabin space. You will not get paid, and you will likely lose faction with the Union if you continue this action.

What is the Fair Trade Agreement

Commercial Store Services Fined 4 Billion Credits!

Post by Gus Givens » Fri Jul 18, 2014 11:20 pm

Last week an investigation into malpractice on behalf of the Commercial Store Services drew to a close. The chief investigator Lt Julian Smyth handed in his report and within a few days the Gal-Fed district high court was convened to pass new laws concerning the ‘disposal of resources and commodities’ through the Commercial Store.

The court found that Lt Smyth had uncovered a very intricate and lucrative system of false accounting on behalf of Commercial Store. It turns out that the Commercial Services were licensed under the ‘fair trade’ agreement and as such when they close a customers account were bound by the agreement to turn over 75% of the resources and commodities held by their organisation to the ‘STAR business group’.

It appears that the funds and resources were being diverted and everyone from senior line managers to the board of directors was taking a cut.

The same was true to the dissolution of Settlements and their resources which is also dealt with by the Commercial Store Services. The court was in session for 18 hours and at the end of that time Commercial Store Services were fined 4 Billion Credits (payable immediately) and their share of the resources under the ‘fair trade’ agreement cut to 15%.

A team of auditors was also sent in to ensure that from now on all resources and commodities held by Commercial Store at the time of a customers account closure (whether that be by foreclosure, absence or from settlement closure) be handed over to a holding store to be dispersed among the 7 business within the STAR business group.

Initial stocks seem to be in the Millions, but it is expected this will soon be swallowed up by the business community.

A spokesman from Vanzant Traders (one of the 7 STAR business group partners) said – ‘It was an amazing windfall and meant they would be able to pass on major savings to their customers over time’.

So there you have it – corruption and embezzlement brought to an end and hard sort after resources placed back into the community.

ISN News Desk.

My Transfer via CSTS has reset why?

When transferring items through the CSTS system they are moved based on the relative distances to the destination.

Should you during this time send MORE of the SAME resource to the SAME location the original stack will meet up with the newly incoming one.

This effectively resets the time on the original stack to that of the new one. This is not a Bug, but is a design system to stop players managing to replicate resources as was tried in the early stages of Beta.

So sending the same type of resource to the same location twice they system will reset both deliveries to the later time frame.

Items sent to a Refinery have not been processed?

The issue normally arises when a player send X resources to a location where they have a Refinery running. The items are sent the player logs out and when they come back find the items have not been processed.

This is not actually a Bug but a Design.

Items transferred to TO a location ONLY Arrive and ‘are READY for use’ whilst a player is logged in. This is by design and not a bug. It ensures items are not lost and tracking of items to and from a location can be traced.

So if you want a Refinery to process resources ensure they are AT the location prior to logging out. You CAN send items to that location but they will not be ready for use until you log in.

Think of it as you need to be there to ‘Sign for the Crates’ when they arrive, that kinda thing and you will better understand the issue.

I keep getting the odd 1 Skill Point added to my account ?

Players can purchase skill packs from the Official CE store.

These are added to the captains account, but as a bonus EVERYONE on the server gets 1 extra skill point for the purchase.

So over time you will likely see the odd extra skill points appear on your account.

No IP’s are used from your account. This is simply a bonus and a thank you to the players for the support from a fellow player.

What is the fastest way to get more XP/IP as a new player?

In general, the fastest way to level up is to search out all of the NPC’s and do as many of their missions as possible. In general, they pay very good money and XP rewards and also some IP.

They will take you through all of the basic careers as well. Some of the NPC’s will not talk to you until you get more XP in a specific faction (E.g. Ashar, Wesbec, C.A.M.P. – Crafting). Work on generic missions of that type to increase your faction XP and then go back and talk to the NPC’s again until they are ready to give you a mission.

You may also find that you are blocked on a particular NPC mission chain until you get more cargo space, or more combat capability. Leave that NPC and cancel the mission and move onto another one and come back later when you have upgraded your ship. There is no penalty for canceling an NPC mission, so keep notes and record what each NPC wants and work on collecting items for multiple missions at once.

Kinetic or Energy weapons

Definitely don’t do both, you should choose one or the other and concentrate on investing in just Kinetic or Energy skill. In terms of destroying ships, either skill works just fine. The main difference is that Kinetic skill costs less than Energy skill, so in general, it costs less less IP to use a Kinetic weapon of a given strength than an Energy Weapon. Both skills also give you access to Type A salvage weapons to undertake Wreck Salvage.

The main difference between the two is that the Type B and Type C Salvage weapons come in Energy versions only, so you cannot use these if you have only Kinetic skill. Type B Salvage cutters are used to salvage a RAID after it has been destroyed.

Type C Salvage cutters are used to Salvage Alien Derelicts in the Expanse. Because RAIDS are destroyed only rarely and the Expanse is inaccessible to new players, it is a pretty a safe bet to go with Kinetic weapons as a new player. You have the option of converting to Energy Weapons at a later stage by using an IP reset.

Why are there so many types of salvage weapons?

There are four types of weapons for the purpose of salvage that you can equip. They come in for different types depending upon what you need to salvage with them.

Standard Salvage drills and lasers (Class A), such as those you find available in Lock-N-Load, will let you break up the wrecks of average sized ships that have been destroyed in combat and are floating around the system.

Type B salvage cutters however are specifically for tackling the large mobile pirate bases known as Raids once they have been destroyed by the cooperation of many captains.

Type C salvage weapons are specifically needed for processing the alien technology of Alien Derelicts, Huge alien vessels destroyed by Gal-fed forces in Expanse systems.

Alien Wreck Lasers let you salvage wrecks of alien ships destroyed by fellow Captains in Combat.

What are target beacons?

The personal or guild Target beacons are a way of preventing another captain with a Wide spectrum T2 scanner coming and pinching your wrecks before you or your guild mates get a chance to salvage them.

Equip a target beacon then fire it during combat, and afterwards only either yourself or members of your guild will be able to scan for and salvage those wrecks.

What are the various salvage scanners for?

The most basic sort of salvage scanner are those in the Argo range. You can equip several of these and each will show you more wrecks to salvage in the current system. One thing to remember however, is that by default just having Argos on your ship you will only be able to scan for the wrecks of ships you yourself have defeated in combat at the current location. In order to see more wrecks you will need to equip another scanner in addition to your Argos, but what scan to equip depends upon what wrecks you’re looking for.

The wide spectrum T1 Scanner lets you scan the hole star system rather than just the current location, though note it’ll still only show you your own wrecks. The Wide spectrum T2 however will show you any wrecks other captains have created at the current location. The Guild spectrum scanner works similarly to the T2, but will show you the wrecks created by other members of your guild.

In addition to these scanners you can also equip a scan limit expander in your ship’s secondary weapon slot. This essentially works like Equipping another Argo scanner, and will expand the number of wrecks each scan shows you.

Note that specific alien versions of all of these scanners exist for use in The Expanse Galaxy.

How do I get rid of Settlement Staff?

Many have hired staff they later wished to fire / let go. If they have already been put to work on your settlement, you must go into your staff section and locate them. If you will still have your minimum quota of needed staff then go ahead and dismiss them.

This will bring them back to your ship. Once there, you can go to the upper-right drop down menu in-game and go to the section called ‘View Staff’. Once there, you will see that staff member and may dismiss them. Once dismissed from the ‘View Staff’ page they are gone. You will not need to pay for them any longer.

NOTE: If by dismissing a staff member your quota will drop down below where it needs to be, you must hire another staff member to take this one’s place before you dismiss them, or it will not work.

Do I need a Research Building on my settlement?

Despite the fact that yes, they do tend to use large amounts of energy, research is one of the most important things you will want to acquire. Without at least one research building of some sort you will never be able to research what you need to.

This includes Settlement defense and Levels 4 and 5. So unless you wish to remain at level 3 forever with zero hit-points when the pirates attack, I suggest investing in Research Buildings. The more the better, but at least one.

When will my Settlement be attacked by Pirates?

Attacks do not begin until you reach Level 3 Settlement status. After this has been obtained it is only a matter of time and every settlement is different.

It could be only a few hours or it could be days. One never knows so it is a good idea to increase your settlement’s defenses before you reach level 3 as you might lose your first attack if you don’t.

What is a Settlement?

In their simplest form settlements are player owned locations on planets that you can dock at.
Settlements are a large undertaking for any player to consider and you need to be at least level 25 before considering attempting to deploy a settlement.

A settlement has all the normal attributes of a Promenade allowing the owner to contract most of the in game offices to their promenade. They can also set things like docking costs and taxes. Settlement owners have to sink a lot of credits in to keeping their settlement vibrant and in one piece, this involves hiring staff (the right types) researching law and tech levels along with a plethora of other research projects.

Settlements require the owners to first locate craft Five ‘Hub Parts’. These along with a settlement license ensure that a settlement can be placed. After that they require power, housing, staff and a great deal of attention and funding to get off the ground.

Player Settlements are denoted on the main navigation map by a red dot. If there is a dot you will find there are multiple locations to dock at on the same planet.

Reward wise it’s a place to call home!

What do I Need to Salvage Wrecks?

What do I Need to Salvage Wrecks?

In order to start salvaging wrecks, you will need 2 things. Firstly you will need a scan system and then you will need a weapon.


The scanners fall into three categories. Scanners that find your own wrecks, scanners that find other players wrecks (if they have not been locked) and scanners that find tagged and locked guild wrecks. In addition, for salvaging wrecks in The Expanse, you will need Alien scanners which require Alien skills.

Scanner Name Skill Type Skill Level Energy Store Type
Argo Salvage Scanner R1 Scan Tech 40 10 400 Sonar Solutions Own
Argo Salvage Scanner R2 Scan Tech 60 15 800 Sonar Solutions Own
Argo Salvage Scanner R3 Scan Tech 100 25 1,600 Sonar Solutions Own
Argo Salvage Scanner R4 Scan Tech 220 35 3,000 Sonar Solutions Own
Wide Spectrum System T1 Device 75 15 1,500 Sonar Solutions Own
Wide Spectrum System T2 Device 95 20 1,500 Sonar Solutions Others
Guild Salvage System Device 125 25 1,800 Sonar Solutions Guild
Entana Alien Salvage Scanner Alien Tech 80 60 5,000 Player Made Own
Oskali Alien Salvage Scanner Alien Tech 120 65 7,000 Player Made Own
Sching Alien Salvage Scanner Alien Tech 200 70 9,000 Player Made Own
Pheen Alien Salvage Scanner Alien Tech 300 75 12,000 Player Made Own
Alien Wide Spectrum System T1 Alien Tech 200 60 8,500 Player Made Own
Alien Wide Spectrum System T2 Alien Tech 200 60 8,500 Player Made Others
Alien Guild Salvage System Alien Tech 250 60 8,500 Player Made Guild
NOTE: For more detailed information about each scanner, refer to CEDR (CE Data Repository – Guides pullout in-game).


Class A weapons are for player made non-alien wrecks

Weapon Name Skill Type Skill Max Damage Energy Level Store
Wreck Salvage Drill D1 Kinetic 40 3 300 15 Lock-N-Load
Wreck Salvage Drill D2 Kinetic 210 4 2,500 30 Lock-N-Load
Wreck Salvage Drill D3 Kinetic 300 5 4,700 45 Lock-N-Load
Wreck Salvage Drill D4 Kinetic 390 6 6,900 60 Lock-N-Load
Wreck Retriever Ser 1 Kinetic 480 7 9,100 75 Lock-N-Load
Wreck Retriever Ser 2 Kinetic 570 8 11,300 90 Lock-N-Load
Wreck Retriever Ser 3 Kinetic 660 9 13,500 105 Lock-N-Load
Wreck Retriever Ser 4 Kinetic 750 10 15,700 120 Lock-N-Load
Wreck Salvage Laser R1 Energy 50 3 450 10 Lock-N-Load
Wreck Salvage Laser R2 Energy 250 4 3,500 25 Lock-N-Load
Wreck Salvage Laser R3 Energy 375 5 6,550 40 Lock-N-Load
Wreck Salvage Laser R4 Energy 500 6 9,600 55 Lock-N-Load
Wreck HC Laser V1 Energy 625 7 12,650 70 Lock-N-Load
Wreck HC Laser V2 Energy 750 8 15,700 85 Lock-N-Load
Wreck HC Laser V3 Energy 875 9 18,750 100 Lock-N-Load
Wreck HC Laser V4 Energy 1,000 10 21,800 115 Lock-N-Load

Type B weapons are for RAID wrecks

Weapon Name Skill Type Skill Max Damage Energy Level Store
Salvage Cutter Rev 1 Energy 80 10 2,000 27 Hi-Tek Arms
Salvage Cutter Rev 2 Energy 160 20 3,000 37 Hi-Tek Arms
Salvage Cutter Rev 3 Energy 240 30 4,000 47 Hi-Tek Arms
Salvage Cutter Rev 4 Energy 320 40 5,500 57 Hi-Tek Arms
Salvage Cutter Rev 5 Energy 400 50 7,000 67 Hi-Tek Arms
Salvage Cutter Rev 6 Energy 480 60 8,500 77 Hi-Tek Arms

Type C weapons are for Alien wrecks

Weapon Name Skill Type Skill Max Damage Energy Level Store
Alien Salvage Cutter 1 Energy 250 10 5,000 30 Hi-Tek Arms
Alien Salvage Cutter 2 Energy 285 15 6,500 38 Hi-Tek Arms
Alien Salvage Cutter 3 Energy 310 20 7,500 40 Hi-Tek Arms
Alien Salvage Cutter 4 Energy 350 25 8,500 45 Hi-Tek Arms
Alien Salvage Cutter 5 Energy 390 30 9,500 50 Hi-Tek Arms
Alien Salvage Cutter 6 Energy 420 35 11,000 55 Hi-Tek Arms
Alien Ranorr Wreck Salvage Laser Plasma 250 3 5,000 60 Player Made
Alien Oremy Wreck Salvage Laser Plasma 300 4 7,000 63 Player Made
Alien Kuit Wreck Salvage Laser Plasma 350 5 9,000 66 Player Made
Alien Drald Wreck Salvage Laser Plasma 400 6 12,000 69 Player Made
Oremy 1-A Salvage Cutter Plasma 350 30 10,000 64 Player Made
Oremy 1-B Salvage Cutter Plasma 400 35 12,000 66 Player Made
Livor 2-A Salvage Cutter Plasma 450 40 14,000 68 Player Made
Livor 2-B Salvage Cutter Plasma 500 45 16,000 70 Player Made
HRA 1 HD Salvage Cutter Plasma 550 50 18,000 75 Player Made
Livor 4 HD Salvage Cutter Plasma 600 55 20,000 80 Player Made

What is the Exile Foundry?

The Exile Foundry is where you can turn Nano metals into resources. Apart from the odd lucky find, Nano Metals are made using U.A Metals and Minerals, which you can find or purchase from NPCs (if you have completed all their missions and you are able to view their goods).

Foundry Stage 1

This is where you forge U.A Metals and Minerals to form Nano Metals. U.A Metals should be stored in your SECURE Misc store (NOT your ship Misc store).  As you create Nano Metals you will earn Foundry Points, which are used to research patterns.

Foundry Stage 2

You can do one of two things in Stage 2

  1. Research a Pattern. The pattern you research is random (you cannot choose which one to research), and will be placed in your Personal Pattern Library.
  2. Use the Nano Metals you have created to make resources from any of your available Nano Forge Patterns in your Personal Pattern Library.

What do I need to create Nano Metals?

There are 10 Nano Metals you can forge, which require the following U.A Metals and Minerals.

Nano Metal U.A. Resource 1 U.A. Resource 2 U.A. Resource 3
A1 U.A. Metal (Armstrong) U.A. Mineral (Dossett) U.A. Metal (Stockwell)
A2 U.A. Metal (Fortier) U.A. Mineral (Penrose) U.A. Mineral (Dawson)
A3 U.A. Metal (Gunning) U.A. Mineral (Mountjoy) U.A. Mineral (Halliday)
A4 U.A. Metal (Hawkins) U.A. Mineral (Lindgren) U.A. Mineral (Jackson)
A5 U.A. Metal (Lehmann) U.A. Mineral (Hoffman) U.A. Mineral (Patterson)
A6 U.A. Metal (Murchison) U.A. Mineral (Garrels) U.A. Metal (Stockwell)
A7 U.A. Metal (Shoemaker) U.A. Mineral (Cookson) U.A. Mineral (Dawson)
A8 U.A. Metal (Thorarinsson) U.A. Mineral (Barbosa) U.A. Mineral (Halliday)
A9 U.A. Metal (Verbeek) U.A. Mineral (Andrews) U.A. Mineral (Jackson)
A10 U.A. Metal (Williams) U.A. Mineral (Ambrose) U.A. Mineral (Patterson

Which Nano Metals do I need for each Resource?

This table lists all the resources that can be currently forged, and the 4 (four) Nano Metals required for each. You will not be able to make them unless you have researched the correct Nano Forge Pattern.

Resource Yield 1 2 3 4
Ackvemah 100 A1 A2 A4 A5
Adamantane 52 A2 A3 A4 A5
Alloyed Impervon 57 A1 A6 A7 A9
Alloyed Ugospinium 100 A4 A6 A8 A10
Alloyed Uraninite 54 A1 A2 A5 A10
Alucite Ore 250 A2 A3 A8 A10
Amaranthine 100 A1 A5 A7 A9
Anterite 119 A8 A1 A7 A2
Antisol Gas 197 A2 A4 A6 A10
Anvil Erutite 135 A1 A2 A5 A9
Anvil Valacyte 182 A3 A4 A7 A8
Argonight Ore 128 A3 A5 A6 A8
Atruzum 106 A3 A2 A8 A9
Autium 182 A1 A2 A4 A6
Ayuetrum Ore 170 A1 A4 A7 A10
Baryil 125 A1 A3 A5 A7
Baryonite 122 A6 A7 A9 A10
Benderite 122 A2 A3 A4 A9
Berilliniumnite Ore 75 A1 A4 A6 A9
Biogenic Ore 160 A5 A7 A9 A10
Bionium 45 A1 A3 A6 A9
Boron 135 A3 A6 A9 A10
Bosoniilium Ore 122 A3 A4 A5 A8
Bullon Gas 182 A2 A3 A5 A7
Buritozol Gas 182 A1 A2 A3 A10
Byzilliam Ore 11 A5 A6 A9 A10
Calcigen 180 A1 A6 A7 A10
Calavahnime 163 A2 A5 A7 A8
Celestesium 316 A2 A5 A7 A10
Charged Plasmasite 65 A2 A5 A7 A9
Charged Shatterite 143 A2 A4 A6 A9
Chesonium 108 A5 A8 A9 A10
Chromogen 63 A1 A3 A8 A10
Copper Ore 300 A3 A7 A9 A10
Corex Gas 127 A10 A5 A1 A6
Cosmonite 96 A1 A2 A4 A8
Crotashium 152 A2 A3 A9 A10
Cryosium 109 A2 A7 A9 A10
Cryzen Ore 89 A2 A3 A6 A7
Culmoz Gas 197 A3 A6 A8 A9
Cyanosite 87 A3 A8 A9 A10
Destablilized Leinium 73 A3 A4 A7 A9
Destaylium Ore 124 A4 A5 A8 A9
Destronite 207 A4 A5 A7 A10
Dextrogen 138 A5 A6 A8 A10
Doplaetrium Ore 123 A2 A3 A7 A10
Dylithium Gas 11 A2 A4 A7 A8
Dylithium Ore 16 A2 A3 A4 A8
Dyterium Ore 14 A1 A2 A5 A8
Edonium Ore 135 A1 A3 A9 A10
Egadalese Ore 122 A2 A5 A6 A8
Egeesium 92 A3 A4 A6 A10
Element 251 172 A2 A3 A7 A8
Elementon 42 A1 A2 A6 A10
Elesium 48 A4 A7 A8 A10
Elothum 100 A1 A2 A6 A8
Eluochium Ore 110 A1 A2 A8 A9
Embaron 123 A1 A7 A9 A10
Ethanol Gelocine 127 A3 A4 A5 A10
Eureka Ore 160 A5 A6 A7 A10
Exotic Lintite Ore 109 A3 A4 A9 A10
Exotic Osmite 76 A4 A5 A7 A8
Feltonite Ore 80 A3 A5 A7 A10
Flufenamic Ore 127 A7 A8 A9 A10
Flux Gas 138 A2 A3 A5 A8
Foharium Ore 86 A1 A4 A5 A6
Fomerite 102 A6 A7 A8 A10
Foozite 44 A2 A4 A6 A7
Foresium Ore 70 A3 A4 A5 A9
Fragillium 109 A2 A5 A6 A10
Fryesium Ore 99 A1 A2 A6 A9
Gaseous Magnomite 100 A1 A3 A4 A10
Gingitite Ore 245 A3 A6 A8 A10
Gnosterite Ore 147 A1 A7 A8 A10
Gravimite 160 A3 A4 A6 A9
Gviazdun 84 A4 A5 A6 A8
Hasmuesten Ore 143 A2 A3 A4 A7
Helanium 273 A1 A4 A6 A7
Hermiril 273 A1 A8 A9 A10
Higgilium 135 A1 A5 A8 A10
High-density Hadrium 109 A1 A4 A5 A8
High-density Ultrine 111 A1 A4 A7 A9
Hikarite Gas 81 A2 A5 A8 A9
Hildigunna 125 A3 A7 A9 A10
Hydroxy 250 A4 A6 A9 A10
Inert Gas 364 A3 A4 A6 A10
Iridium 119 A5 A6 A8 A9
Iron Ore 462 A4 A5 A6 A8
Irradiated Quazitron 170 A1 A4 A9 A10
Isomorphic Ossium 211 A1 A5 A9 A10
Isomorphic Retrosium 308 A1 A2 A5 A7
Isotopes 182 A2 A7 A8 A9
Isotopic Calconite 83 A2 A4 A7 A10
Isotopic Sclerogen 51 A1 A3 A4 A5
Jallycite 102 A1 A3 A4 A8
Jasper Ore 122 A1 A3 A7 A10
Jedmorite 219 A1 A2 A5 A6
Kallycite Ore 86 A1 A3 A7 A8
Karondium 108 A4 A6 A7 A10
Katacton Plating 118 A1 A6 A9 A10
Kazapheron 154 A4 A7 A8 A9
Kelsalt 135 A1 A4 A5 A9
Kenconium Ore 91 A1 A4 A7 A8
Lelanium 122 A2 A5 A9 A10
Liquid Sologen 120 A3 A4 A5 A6
Lithosite 170 A3 A4 A6 A7
Low-density Phazenium 445 A1 A2 A3 A7
Low-density Photil 46 A1 A3 A5 A8
Magnetic Andium 96 A1 A6 A8 A10
Malifinum Ore 86 A2 A5 A6 A7
Mendorist 158 A1 A2 A3 A8
Mesonite 94 A2 A4 A6 A8
Metallon 66 A3 A7 A8 A10
Metreon Gas 182 A1 A2 A8 A10
Mezatol Gas 105 A4 A5 A6 A10
Mokatanium Ore 123 A3 A5 A8 A9
Monolite Ore 180 A1 A3 A4 A6
Moolite 123 A4 A5 A6 A9
Morphic Cerogen 61 A4 A5 A7 A9
Morphisite 61 A3 A5 A7 A8
Myophemonite 149 A1 A2 A3 A5
Nazzorium 63 A2 A3 A5 A10
Necrovium Gas 100 A2 A4 A5 A10
Norgan Tridar Gas 149 A2 A3 A6 A10
Novastone Gas 160 A1 A3 A6 A10
Nucleorum 135 A2 A7 A8 A9
Opasnium Ore 152 A1 A3 A6 A8
Orichalcium 123 A1 A3 A7 A9
Orichalconite 71 A4 A5 A6 A7
Oxidized Netlonium 118 A2 A3 A6 A9
Oxidized Zortium 94 A2 A6 A8 A10
Oxygen 750 A1 A2 A3 A8
Ozablese 107 A1 A2 A6 A7
Pachysite 177 A2 A4 A5 A6
Pajozora 123 A3 A6 A7 A8
Phlosoium 82 A1 A4 A5 A10
Phratic Ice 106 A1 A6 A7 A8
Plasmon 167 A4 A5 A8 A10
Porphyrius 125 A1 A3 A6 A7
Porphyromite 388 A2 A6 A8 A9
Porphyron 177 A3 A4 A5 A7
Powdered Kremdosite 118 A1 A4 A6 A7
Prevtonium Ore 72 A1 A3 A8 A9
Primazine Gas 125 A1 A2 A3 A9
Processed Artizol 122 A2 A6 A8 A10
Processed Bitazool 103 A3 A5 A7 A10
Processed Gravimite 42 A3 A6 A7 A9
Processed Hermiril 137 A2 A6 A7 A9
Processed Rhahim 108 A1 A3 A4 A6
Processed Xentnol 99 A3 A4 A6 A8
Psyclosium 92 A6 A8 A9 A10
Pterodactyladiene 96 A1 A3 A5 A9
Quasar Ore 131 A4 A5 A9 A10
Quatrrillium Gas 62 A1 A4 A6 A10
Quatrrillium Ore 67 A1 A6 A8 A9
Radioactive Bariium 143 A3 A5 A8 A10
Radioactive Stocks 182 A2 A5 A7 A8
Randium Gas 172 A1 A4 A8 A9
Ravenrock Ore 115 A2 A4 A5 A7
Reactive Gas 240 A2 A4 A5 A9
Reactive Xequim 154 A3 A7 A8 A9
Recycled Amitrol 182 A2 A5 A6 A7
Recycled Ghedon 154 A2 A3 A6 A7
Recycled Tetlinium 119 A2 A3 A5 A9
Recycled Xequim 256 A1 A2 A7 A10
Refined Ceromite 174 A4 A6 A7 A9
Refined Corenium 15 A1 A5 A7 A8
Refined Dyterium 12 A2 A6 A7 A10
Refined Metal 163 A1 A2 A4 A9
Refined Ore 55 A2 A6 A7 A8
Refined Trisiolate Gas 11 A1 A7 A8 A9
Refined Tryonite 11 A6 A7 A8 A9
Remite 152 A1 A2 A3 A4
Resolidified Cazrilium 132 A2 A5 A8 A10
Rhodenon 109 A1 A3 A4 A9
Rigan Vertol Gas 197 A1 A5 A6 A9
Rubidium 63 A2 A4 A5 A8
Sinistronite 145 A2 A6 A9 A10
Soqorite 106 A1 A3 A5 A6
Strontium 75 A3 A5 A6 A9
Sunnesai 138 A1 A5 A6 A7
Suvorium 110 A2 A4 A8 A9
Technesium 152 A2 A8 A9 A10
Technil 68 A2 A4 A9 A10
Technite 123 A2 A4 A7 A9
Tellerite Ore 143 A2 A3 A6 A8
Terracyte Ore 143 A3 A5 A9 A10
Terovite Gas 142 A3 A4 A10 A7
Terranium 50 A1 A2 A4 A10
Tessarine Gas 13 A2 A3 A4 A6
Tessarine Ore 14 A5 A7 A8 A9
Tetlinium Ore 67 A5 A6 A7 A8
Thracium Gas 115 A1 A4 A5 A7
Titanium 69 A3 A5 A6 A10
Traylon Gas 343 A3 A6 A7 A10
Treated Ore 125 A4 A6 A9 A10
Trifoldal Gas 138 A5 A7 A8 A10
Trigenite Ore 16 A3 A4 A8 A10
Tryonite Ore 14 A3 A5 A6 A7
Tungsten 54 A2 A4 A8 A10
Turbidic Ore 170 A3 A4 A5 A10
Turbocite 1334 A1 A3 A5 A10
Ugospinium Gas 87 A4 A8 A9 A10
Ultranium 86 A1 A2 A4 A7
Unstable Cyclium 256 A4 A6 A7 A8
Unstable Infernanium 64 A1 A3 A4 A7
Unstable Rimat 108 A4 A6 A8 A9
Uranium 11 A3 A4 A8 A9
Verecian Perite 135 A4 A7 A9 A10
Verecian Refined Ore 41 A2 A3 A4 A10
Viridine 156 A2 A3 A5 A6
Vomicine 142 A1 A2 A3 A6
Xenorus 63 A1 A2 A9 A10
Xerinium Gas 47 A3 A5 A7 A9
Xerinium Ore 211 A2 A3 A7 A9
Xindraillium Ore 86 A2 A5 A6 A9
Xylaria 87 A3 A4 A6 A8
Yokeston 140 A1 A5 A7 A10
Yttresium 72 A1 A5 A6 A8
Zandimonte Ore 105 A1 A2 A4 A9
Zelidium Gas 250 A1 A5 A8 A9
Zenithious 137 A1 A4 A8 A10
Zerilliumite Gas 182 A1 A4 A7 A9
Zirconium 66 A2 A7 A8 A10
Zoorlerite 123 A5 A6 A7 A9

I have lost an item what do I do?

Core-Exiles like any other web game is subject to the restriction of the internet and your connection to it. This means from time to time you may be changing out an item from your load out or perhaps making a trade with another player and your internet times out or connection drops.

99.9% of the time this is fine and either the transfer stops prior to the trade stage or the transfer is cancelled by the system. But nothing in life is 100% secure. So if you find you were in the middle of a trade or refit etc and an item has gone missing from the transfer, you will need to do the following to claim it back.

1: Log a bug either using the in game access to Bug Track through the use of the ladybird icon, or by going direct to Bug Track http://bugs.core-exiles.com and logging your loss.

2: The bug report must contain the name of the item (please don’t be vague) the time it was lost and the action that caused the loss.

We can happily look back over the log files here at Core-Exiles and affirm you had the items prior to the loss and take appropriate action. Note, a claim must be made within 14 days of the loss occurring, after that time we will not action a search for lost or missing items.

PLEASE NOTE: A common issue is players transfer items to their Secure Store and forget they are there, or loan them to a fellow player or even sell them by mistake. So please double-check before making a lost item claim.

Stocks and Shares

Welcome to the Stocks and Shares page – It is first important to note that stocks and shares in Core-Exiles are included for Fun and are not based on in game company incomes or gains.

Here are two pages displaying stock information; the Stock Broker page and Your Portfolio page.

To purchase stock, simply find the stock you want to buy and enter the amount of shares you want to purchase.

You may only purchase up to 3000 stocks / shares in any single transaction. This is to safeguard your own financial liability. Current regulations prohibit the trade of stocks with values below 15 cr.

Once shares are purchased, you will find them displayed on the Your Portfolio page.

To sell shares, just enter the amount of shares you wish to sell and click the Sell button.

Attention: 10% Brokerage Fees are incurred not only when purchasing stocks /shares, but also when selling. This should be accounted for whilst trading.

Here at the First Inter-Galaxy bank, we seriously suggest that any Captain interested in ‘playing the market’ take the time to acclimatise themselves to losses as well as gains. We pride ourselves on our debt collector’s success rate.

How Edit my Details

From the top left pull out tab (Game Info) click the Edit your Details link.

From this screen you can update your First name and Last name, as well as your current Email address & Password as held in the secure CE database.

You also have the opportunity to ‘Name your Ship’ – you can call it almost anything you like, but obviously keep in mind that other players can view your Ship Name in the game, so we would ask you refrain from anything offensive or antagonistic.

You cannot change your Player name, as this is fixed in the database to identify your account. All the other information can be edited and changed as often as you like however – so you can rename your ship if you change your in-game careers, or even keep a tally of how many times you’ve had it shot down, or if you’ve bought a new, better vessel.

Save Changes: This will submit the changes you have made and return you to the same screen.

Exit User Details: Use this option if you do not wish to change any of your details and simply want to exit the screen. Or after having made changes and wishing to return to the game.

Note: You can change details without changing password, only enter a new password IF that’s what you want to do.

What are Crystals for?

Crystals can be mined (at the moment) by any one mining asteroid fields. They will not appear from Drone mining and are a random spawn. You can also get crystals through certain in game events. At one time crystals could be used to enhance devices during crafting. But after a terrible accident this practice was halted. You can read about that over here.

Now Crystals are collected from you and Traded in for Research Academy Points. These can then be spent in the Research Academy‘s to launch projects to improve items.

Crystals are Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Grey.

What is a Negative Energy Induction device?

The Negative Energy Induction (NEI) device is a special device used in conjunction with the Wormhole Anchor Gates located in Seven locations throughout the known Galaxies.

When placed on-line the unit can connect to any of the Wormhole Anchor gates over any theoretical distance. Once connected, the N.E.I create a mini stable wormhole which the ship automatically enters. Due to the charging process and safety locks in place, a 40-minute lockout will be placed on jumping to the same gate twice.

The N.E.I consume biofuel to jump based on the total normal distance to the targeted Anchor Gate. The Corporate model of the N.E.I come with an inbuilt 7% fuel compression algorithm.

The Deepstar model of the N.E.I come with an inbuilt 10% fuel compression algorithm.

The Standard model of the N.E.I come with an inbuilt 7% fuel compression algorithm.

The Sunstorm model of the N.E.I come with an inbuilt 15% fuel compression algorithm.

The Chronos model of the N.E.I come with an inbuilt 20% fuel compression algorithm.

The Thors Hammer model of the N.E.I come with an inbuilt 20% fuel compression algorithm.

Please Note: This is a top of the line N.E.I device which adds a specialised level of wormhole technology. Thus enabling it to Jump direct to any Settlements you may own or to a Corporation HQ location, if you have one.

What is a Superior Head Implant?

The Superior Head Implant is of an unusual design in that it can increase up to Five skill sets in the recipient host. The specific skills affected are dependent on the specific implant installed. Please refer to the CEDR for specifics.

The implant types are Chimera, Cyclops, Gorgon, Banshee and Centaur.

The Superior Head Implant is also required for certification training which are needed to operate player made ships.

This type of implant is untested and as such may cause permanent brain damage if not properly installed and maintained. 

What is the CEDR?

The Core Exiles Data Repository is the bible of Core Exiles. While it does not contain every item available to a player it contains most items for low to mid level players.

Items are broken into categories and clicking each tab will display the items.

Some item details are displayed in the listing screen and a player can click the info button for more info.

The CEDR will allow players to view all details about a item such as power requirements, level locks, skill point investment required and some history and background information on the item.

Some item lists such as the schematics can be very long. A good tip is to let your browser load the list and then use the find function of your web browser to search for known items.

What is the Galactic Research Project?

Galactic Research Project: This screen is here purely as an informational screen allowing you to view the progress on the current Galactic Research Projects. Each project is for a different type of technology within the game and allows players to contribute towards speeding these topics to completion. As new projects are introduced the title and status will be updated.

Artifacts: As Players Explore planets (Land / Explore) they stand a chance of locating an Ancient Artifact. These are artifacts left over from ancient races who inhabited the Galaxy centuries before humans found a foothold in these systems.

Studying these Artifacts allows scientists to research new veins of technology. Each Project when completed is handed over to Manufacturing companies that either produce Schematics for Players to craft items or for Stores to sell the end products direct to players.

What is the Buy/Sell Forum?

Within the game we have a Buy Sell Player Ad’s Section.

This can be found using the Top Left ‘Game Info Tab‘ This is used for captains to advertise their wares for sale, or their need for items.

To post an article, click on the “Create a New Post” link in the header.

You will now be able to enter the subject in the skinny bar and your contents in the larger window. Once you have entered everything, click the “Post New Topic” button and your submission is complete.

Some points to note, use acronyms such as FS (For Sale), WTB (Wanted to Buy) , WTT(Want to Trade) in the subject line to fit as much as possible in the limited space.

Out of Game we have the Forum Buy Sell Section

The buy and sell forum is used for captains to advertise their wares for sale, or their need for items. To post an article, click on the “Create a New Post” link in the header.

You will now be able to enter the subject in the skinny bar and your contents in the larger window. Once you have entered everything, click the “Post New Topic” button and your submission is complete.

Some points to note, use acronyms such as FS (For Sale), WTB (Wanted to Buy) , WTT(Want to Trade) in the subject line to fit as much as possible in the limited space.

What is the Friends List?

The Friends list (located in the CE Guides side tab) is a useful tool that allows you to send private messages your friends easily, to see if they are online or when they where last online, and to keep track of the people who you know.

In the bottom field you can add friends, simply type in the full name and press ‘add new friend’ and they will be instantly added to your friends list.

Please note: adding friends to your list does NOT automatically add you to their friend’s friend list. If you wish to be on your Friends Friend lists you will need to inform them that you added them, and ask them to add you if they wish.

Once you have a new friend added, you may send them a private message by using the handy ‘send message’ button in the furthest column on the right, on the row for the friend you wish to send a message to.
You will also see when your friends where last online, by the ‘last online’ column. And you will see if they are online now by the Status column and the icon that is on the row of the friend you are curious about.
The ‘Date Added’ column will tell you when you added your friend to your friends list.

To remove a friend from your list, simply press the delete button in the ‘delete’ column that is on the row of the captain you wish to take off your list.

To exit from the Friends List page, simply press the yellow exit button on the top blue bar of the Friends List area.

What is the Icarus Project?

Project Icarus or the Icarus Project, is something new that we have instigated. It will aid us both short term, and long term in the development of forming a network transit method through the Nebula allowing transition through to the Sol System. There is a lot of work to be done here before any of this can become ‘reality’ but I’m adding it now so that it becomes part of the framework of CE and becomes better known as we move forward.

Initially, you will begin to see new Contracts being posted on the GBM from the ‘Icarus Project‘. We are AT THIS TIME limiting these to players level 40 and below. This give a little bit of aid to the younger and smaller captains out there whilst starting off a rather gigantic collection over time.

As the Project matures so will the contract requests and at that time we will review the Level Cap. For those using the GBM I have highlighted these contracts in light blue and for the VI the buttons for ‘deposit’ are greyed out and marked as ‘Ineligible‘ if you are over level 40.

We will be utilising the project for many things, so you can expect the contracts to range across a fairly wide range, but are CPU and contract size locked. At this time, the project is limited to 218 of the 668 in game resources.

What is the Guild Forum?

Inside the Game we offer a Guild Forum Section.

If you are in a guild, you can access this from the CE Guides tab on the bottom left. Depending on your guild rank, you may only be able to view these messages or edit, reply or even create. Ask your Guild Leader or Officer if you wish to have more access.

Outside the game, we provide a Guild Section within the Forums

The Guild Forum is a place where Guilds can solicit members, post note-worthy news and generally post public communications regarding their guilds.

It is also used for COOPS to post items that specifically affect guild operations.



What is the Guild Office?

The Guild Office is the central hub for all guild management. The guild offices are located at Jarris Outpost in Fieron.

This is also where new captains can go to request to join a guild.

What you see and what you can interact with is based upon your level in the Guild.

What is the Homing Beacon?

The homing beacon is a handy device to set a Home location to Fest travel to. It is located on the Navigation screen. There are two options once it’s activated.

1: Set a new home system

This sets the Beacon HOME to your CURRENT location. Use this wisely and carefully as there are no checks made, so once it is set it will remain set at your chosen location till you choose another.

You may reset the Home location as often as you like, but it will always set the return home point to your current location when setting.

2: Travel to your home location (if previously set).

This option transports you fairly instantaneously to the HOME system that was set. The fuel displayed will have been used, and you will not earn any XP for the distance travelled. But… you are Home 🙂

The basic initial set up of the Beacon is set to a max range of 275. This can be upgraded via either the Core-Exiles Store or via the in game VIP Store, which can be accessed via the bottom right CE Guides Tab.

I can’t locate my Mission Ships

From time to time we get players asking why they cant locate their mission ships from military destroy combat missions they have taken.

99.9% of the time we check the issue only to find that the player has chosen missions for rare or very rare ships. (not always your fault).

When taking missions for enemy ships it is good to have an idea of whats ‘common, less common and far more rare’.

This is generally done by actually doing combat in and around the law levels you intend to do missions for. This gives you a better understanding of what spawns where.

There are close to 9,000 unique types of ships in CE. simply choosing one you like the sound of or at random can lead to spending a lot of fuel ‘searching for them’.

If you have a missions that seems very slow to give you the ship you want try ensuring you have the correct types of scanners installed.

You want scanners that display red only targets. This gives you a 50% boost straight away over general mixed scanners.

Then make sure you have the maximum amount of scans per search. IE add as many scanners as you can when searching.

Following these simple suggestions will make hunting for ships FAR easier and less expensive on fuel.

So – watch learn and list the most common in law levels, have the best Red only scanners fitted and THEN go looking for missions.

How can i get more fuel by voting?

You start the process by clicking on the little thumbs up icon in the lower right corner of the screen. (Will say “Vote for CE Vote Daily & Grab A 200 Free Fuel Ticket” when you mouse over the icon)

Click on the “Begin Voting Process” to start out.

It will bring up a new page listing a site to vote for Core-Exiles on. Click on the voting page link, then click on “Continue Voting Process”.

NOTE: You can not click on the “Continue Voting Process” until you have clicked on the image of the voting page to bring that page up to vote on.

You will repeat the voting process until you get the page with the “Finish” button on it. Once you click on “Finish” you will get 200 fuel and also be entered into winning a prize at the end of the month.

What Are Combat Exploration Mechs?

Combat Exploration Mechs were specifically designed for exploring planets in the Expanse. There are currently three types of mechs.

Exploration Mech Type 1: Captain Level 35. Offers a 5% bonus.

Exploration Mech Type 2: Captain Level 45. Offers an 8% bonus.

Exploration Mech Type 3: Captain Level 55. Offers a 12% bonus.

Each mech is the work of scientists from the Coalition and Power Forge Productions engineers. It’s a hybrid and whilst not 100% suited to it’s task it is capable of the basic functions required.

These mechs are constructed to come in ‘self assembly’ format and use both Alien and Az-Pat resources to create the hybrid design required. Capable of combat, survey and exploration these mechs incorporate the very best of current AI technology.

Please Note : An E.M.T can only be used once you have ‘Landed’ on a Javoran planet. This mech cannot be used for normal exploration.

I have a NPC’s name but how can I find where he is?

In the game on the blue footer bar you will see an icon looks like a small computer screen. Marked ‘CE Finder’.

This opens in a new window and once it has populated with data can be used to search for offices, services and also NPC’s who reside on promenades.

Simply begin to type the name you are looking for in the ‘Search box’.

The Finder will then filter till it finds it. This will give you System, location and even Galaxy.

What is a JDN?

A JDN or Jump Drive Navigator is a device fitted in a systems slot that allows you to jump to a distant system. The specific JDN equipped determines the distance you can jump and the features available.

There are two main versions the basic Rev 1 through 4, which allow for basic navigation and the Adv version 1 through 4 that ties in with your AI Passenger and Mission manifest allowing the AI to proffer automated routes for Missions and Passengers destinations you may have active at that time.


Discord Access

We have decided that from here on out, the Discord Chat server is going to be reserved for those that actively play Core-Exiles. We have had a lot of Bot and bad actor issues with discord recently, and feel it is necessary to now limit the discord server access to those who truly need it and will use it for its intended purpose.

If, you are playing Core-Exiles and would like access to the Chat please ensure you have a Registered discord Account, ensure that when you visit the Discord Server that your Nick matches your captain name.

You can access the link to Discord through the in game footer.

You should announce yourself and state your name matches your account, and you’re looking for Discord Access. A member of staff will then contact you.


Out Of Game Maps

Core Exiles has a few internal Maps of the various Galaxies that can also be accessed outside the game. I will list them below, each link opening in a new window. Allow the page to FULLY load before trying to interact with it.

I will also include two PNG downloads, so you can download a static map to use.

Map Of The Sphere

Map Of Verec-Per

Map Of Anvil

Map of Expanse

Map Of Furnace

Map Of The Forge

Finally, here are two maps for download to use, these are static PNG’s.


I hope these help somewhat 🙂








Could somebody remind how to sell something to another player?

Could somebody remind how to sell something to another player?

If it is an item, go into ships stores or secure stores while landed on a planet or settlement. On the right side of the inventory list for each category is a trade button.

If it is a resource, you have to be on the planet/settlement where you have the item. Or if you have the resource in ship’s hold, you have to place it into CS (commercial storage). Then enter commercial storage View – enter commercial storage – View all items On the left you will find the trade button for each resource in the list.
If you don’t know where you left the resources, go to commercial storage View – View all store contents to see every resource you own and where it is located.

While you are in the trade window, you can set the quantity to send and the price for the entire shipment. You will need to enter the exact captain name of the person you are trading to.

Does CE have a Store?

Q: Does CE have a Store?

Most new visitors ask us this question, and this generally due to not wanting to play or sink time into a game that is Pay To Win. So let’s get something straight, Core-Exiles is not a pay to win game. Paid items do provide benefits, but only to aid your personal play style, and isn’t a requirement to play. As it’s not a competitive game, it all comes down to if the item provides enough of a benefit for you to want to buy.

We do have a store and yes you can purchase items to aid you in your personal progress. But as CE has no true PVP, you are not pitted against your fellow player. In fact, Core-Exiles is more about community and working to help your fellow players, than gun them down, or stab them in the back when they log out.

Q: But I don’t have any income to spend on games

We set up Core-Exiles over 15 years ago to be a Free to Play game. During that time, we have kept to our word, and you can play and enjoy the Core-Exiles Universe as much as the next guy without spending a cent of your own money. If you want store based items you can obtain these through regular held competitions, giveaways and though working on your in game Faction Ranks.

So yes, you can spend real money on items in the game, hey that’s how we afford to pay for two top level servers and keep constant development going over the last 15 years.

Final Note: Again, I stress Core-Exiles is not a PVP competitive universe. It’s about your personal journey though the game. Take it slow, or take it fast, the outcome will be the same. We have players with us from day 1 who are still finding new things to do and ticking things off their ‘to-do list’.





How do i repay a bank loan

Bank loans are collected automatically every week from your ship account until such a time as they are paid off. You just need to ensure that you have sufficient funds.

What do I feed my Pet ?

Pets tend to eat different Food. But it is safe to assume that S.N.A.R.G will eat the same types of food as you do. They will of course be happier eating some things more than others.

You must ensure your pet is well fed and does not drop to the state of ‘Starving’ apart from being cruel this may cause the Snarg to attempt to escape or simply be removed from your care by the society for the protection of space critters.

It has also been know for Snarg to help themselves to food if they are left to their own devices and become hungry.

Food fed to your pet is normally shown from the ‘Feed Pet’ option in your Pet Status screen and will filter from items stored in your Ships Cargo bay.

Whats the point of a Pet ?

Pets are bonded to their owner adopters and if properly cared for the pet will often bestow on its owner a bonus. What that bonus is or how it affects you as a captain you will need to figure out yourself.

All we can tell you is that you need to care for your pet and keep it happy and safe. The longer you are bonded to a happy pet the greater the bonus over time.

How Many pets can I own ?

At this time you may only own or adopt a single pet. Pets are bonded with their owners and the longer you keep a pet and care for it the greater the rewards.

Later we may add a facility for you to own adopt more than one pet, at this time only one is permitted.

How do I get a Pet?

It is not the purpose of this FAQ to tell you how to locate a pet, but you should be able to figure this out initially by looking at the Pet Status Screen (via the top right hand drop down in game).

Hint- look for an NPC called Jenny. Use the Finder located on the footer.

As and when time permits more pet options will be added so that gaining pets will be possible from various occupations and methods. At the time of release there is only one method open.

Of course you can ask your fellow captains in the forums, or chat with them in our Discord Chat channel.

What is a Core Exile Pet ?

As the captain of a ship in Core-Exiles you are allowed to keep a personal pet. The Pet status screen can be accessed from the in game top right hand drop down.

From here you can see the status of your pet (if you have one) and any actions like ‘Feed Pet’ that are available.

What’s a Certificate?

Certificates can be purchased from certain stores. You must be level 60 or above and have a ‘Superior Head Implant’ fitted to start the certification process.

Certificates are unique in Core-Exiles in that they are learned in real time. Once you have a certificate it will show in the bottom list and display your Current Level for for that certificate.

You can only train ONE certificate at a time and once commenced it cannot be stopped! So choose wisely.

Once a certificate has been uploaded to the neural buffer of a head implant it begins to slowly diffuse the information over time, allowing the ‘recipient’ to instantly recall these new commands with zero side effects.

When a certificate has completed its ‘Learning Cycle’ you will also find you accrue a certain amount of ‘Certificate Points’. These can be collected and traded in for IP points at the IP Trainers dotted around the Galaxies.

What are Missiles used for?

Missiles are just an extra combat option as they provide additional tactical choices based on the type of missile used:

1) Single Layer Missile – Damages the opponent one-layer at a time like a gun
2) Shield Penetrator Missile – Will bypass enemy Shield
3) Armour Penetrator Missile – Will bypass enemy Armour (will NOT bypass Shield)
4) 3-Way Damage Missile – Will damage enemy Shield, Armour, and Hull simultaneously

Store-bought missiles can be a bit expensive, but the Player Made missiles are cost-effective providing you have the skills to extract the resources to make them – and Player-Made missiles have a much higher damage-output yield than their store-bought counterparts of similar levels.

Missiles can be used in conjunction with a gun but can also be used independently.

Missile launchers require minimal energy and this fact can be important to consider for players where energy conservation is a concern.

Missiles DO NOT cost any Action Points (AP): This is a common misconception about them – they function like a gun

What are Omega Repair drones?

Strictly speaking Omega Repair drones aren’t drones at all, they are more advanced E.B.K’s. Like E.B.K’s you use them from the repair icon on the navigation screen.

They will repair both Armour and hull damage, however like E.B.Ks they are consumable so one is used up each time you make repairs.

Since they’re repair kits not drones, you don’t need any drone control points to use them.

What is the difference between Mining & Combat drones?

Mining drones are drones that you can deploy at an asteroid field which will automatically mine a type of ore each hour and drop it at an orbiting refinery, (standard drones will mine standard ore, advanced drones will mine other things and require a Advanced Merlin Refinery).

The number of Mining drones you can have active at one time is dictated by your number of free drone control points (you have 10 by default or 15 with the Drone Point expander upgrade from the CE Store).

Combat drones you need to launch yourself during combat, they will attack the enemy ship and do damage each turn, though the enemy can also shoot at and destroy them. Combat drones can be used irrespective of drone control points.

Returning Player – Can i have my Purchased Items Back?

All items when purchased from the Core-Exiles Store are issued to the account designated at the point of purchase by the purchaser.

All purchases can only be issued ONCE per sale.

This means that any items purchased are issued to the account designated.

If the owner of that account allows it to be deleted due to inactivity OR they themselves set the account for deletion the items aforementioned CANNOT be re issued or re-delivered to a future new account.

Accounts are automatically deleted from the game servers if they become inactive for 365 days and are not in Premium status at that time.

We cannot re-issue purchased items to players due them allowing their account to be deleted. A singly log in once per year is sufficient to keep the Game account alive.

The above forms part of the terms and conditions of sale.

This returning claim policy has been in affect since CE returned back in March 2007.

Lead Dev

I dont have a Paypal Account do you use anything else ?

Pay-pal is our payment processor and we have been using them for over Eleven years now without issue.

You do NOT have to have a pay-pal account to pay for something using a Credit Card.

When transferred to the payment section you will find an option to pay using a credit card as a non pay-pal account customer. This varies in location from country to country but is there somewhere on the payment page.

Don’t you use Phone payments or other systems?

No, unfortunately we have found them to be exorbitant in their share, often taking 50% or MORE of the funds you would be paying in support. This to us is simply not sustainable.

I purchased a Ship through the CE Store When will it be fitted?

When you purchase a ship through the CE store you are actually purchasing a ‘Token’ for that ship. This is explained in the details on the ship info. The token is valid IN GAME for the ship you have purchased.

Simply go to the in game CEDR. This is located in the top left drop down. From there look up Ships and find the details on the ship you have purchased. This will give you the name of the Ship Company that sell the ship in game. Alternatively this information is displayed when viewing the ships details in the CE Official Store.

Now locate one of the in game ship stores by that name. (Ask around in chat if you haven’t already found one, or ask a staff member).

Once at the ship store and looking at the ship you wish to purchase you will see a ‘Use Token’ option. This will purchase the ship not with in game credits but using the token.

You can only have ONE Token on your account at any one time. Tokens remain on your account until you are ready to use them.

I purchased an Engine From the Store When will it be Fitted?

All items purchased through the Core-Exiles store are processed by hand. Generally speaking if you make your purchase during office hours (GT: Game Time) the item will be added to your account fairly quickly sometime in a matter of minutes.

Items purchased outside these hours will be dealt with first thing in the morning. ‘Game Time’ and UK time are the same so using the game time as a guide will ensure you purchase when we are about.

From time to time we are here till late (working on code or additions etc) so sometimes you may find your evening purchase filled quicker than expected.

Please note we ONLY process purchased once we receive confirmation from Paypal that the purchase has been complete.

If paying by E-Cheque your purchase will not be processed until the funds have cleared.

What is the difference between a schematic and a module?

A schematic creates a finished item. It could be an EBK, weapon, cargo expander, settlement building…but it is a usable item somewhere in the game. The schematic will require resources and usually modules.

A module is a component or sub-component. The more advanced builds may have a build tree four or five components deep and can require very many different modules.

See this Crafting Guide for more information

How do I find what schematics I need and where to buy them?

Go to the CE Data Repository (left pull down) and look up the schematic you want. The store that sells it will be listed. Schematics are split into two categories in the CEDR.

You will need to check under both the Schematics and Modules section to search all schematics.

What are Schematics?

Schematics are a set of plans that crafters use to create in game items. There are lots of stores which sell schematics i.e. Warstrider Schematics, Mero Brothers Schematics, Universal Construction, Coopers Schematic Supply, and Arc-Light Projects to name a few.

A player can buy these schematics at any time but must have the requisite Production and Manufacturing skills to produce the item listed in the schematic.

Also, a player must buy, extract, or trade for resources required to craft the item and may have to buy, make, or trade for any component items listed in the schematic. Oftentimes higher level schematics (that is, those requiring many smaller items to be crafted, traded, or bought before crafting the finished product) also require buying or making the sub-components.

See this Crafting Guide for more information.

How do i earn Explorers League Faction?

The explorers league is a faction set up to look out for the explorers in core exiles. Exploring planets and Derelicts will gain you explores league faction.

As with normal factions you will gain a rank title as you pass given set levels of Faction XP. You will also see that the docking collars are linked to the Faction ranks.

Where do I get O2, Meds & a Space Suit ?

Basic Small Oxygen Tanks and Basic Starter Space suits are available from either a Sven’s or Boris barter store. These stores use barter points. You can trade in 100’s of in-game looted items to Sven or Boris and receive barter points in return.

The two stores sell Oxygen Bottles (Small), Basic Personal Space Suits and also Basic Medical Kits (Personal). These items are required for an initial foray into Derelict exploration.

Later you will be able to build better O2 canisters for yourself along with better suits and medical packs. Initially we suggest using the barter stores.

I keep returning to the Navigation screen?

Derelicts are located by scanning for them, docking with them is enabled via the docking collar but if you use refresh, back or in any way loose connection with the CE server you will be ejected from the derelict and placed back on your ship.

This is to ensure that captains are not left in limbo on derelicts. If you choose to log out or go inactive past the sessions timeout you will loose the current derelict and on the next login be back on-board your ship.

If you keep being returned to the navigation screen this is an indication that either you are playing beyond the speed of your browser and comms to render screen details and pass data back and forth, this is normally caused by mashing the button, or suffering laggy and erratic browser behavior.

Using back or refresh is likely to loose your position on the derelict and therefore once again return you to the navigation screen. This is not a bug but a design feature to ensure the safety of your account.

Attempting to access derelicts without having properly generating them is classified under exploits and passed on automatically for account review.

Who’s Docked Here?

This screen allows you to see who is currently docked at your current location. If the list is empty, it means it’s just you on your lonesome.

Whilst the list may report a number of Captains and ships docked, it’s worth noting that this does NOT mean that they are logged in to the game, purely that their ship is currently docked here.

Guild: The list also displays if the player is in a Guild and if so which one. This can be handy for locating players in your own Guild, and also for figuring out generally who’s in what Guild.

Send PM: From here you can also send a Captain a Personal Message (email). This is sent ‘in-game’ and will arrive immediately.

I have 1 O2 left but it refuses to Move?

Each action whilst exploring a derelict requires a given amount of Stamina and O2. Some actions require more than others but in general you cannot move or do any action of you have less O2 or Stamina than required.

Your toon is not allowed to reach Zero O2 as this would mean you were dead. The Bug out option uses 1 unit of O2 so one unit is held in reserve, after all you don’t want to die on-board a derelict now do you!

Stamina is a measurement of your ability to carry on moving around and continue exploring. Insufficient Stamina means you will need to either wait for it to replenish or add some more from the Medical Screen.

How do I hack derelicts?

Whilst exploring derelicts you may find locations in the ship that can be hacked. To do this you need to shuffle the images until you obtain a matching image set.**

You must match the images within 10 attempts. After this you will be locked out of the system and can no longer attempt to hack that location. Each successful hack will allow you to recover an Access Pass.

Each pass is ranked and the higher the rank the greater the reward in both credits and XP. Rewards are also linked to your captain level. Unfortunately the codes are randomized for each section of the ship which makes it unique on each section hacked.

With each level of Vessel the complexity will increase so as you begin to explore B1-C10 class derelicts you will require specialised tools to aid you. Initially A1-A10 derelicts require no such tool, just luck and patience.

**Vi / blind players can read the tags of each image and match those.

How do I use the Tools?

You may take with you up to Four Tools fitted to your personal load-out when exploring derelicts. Each tool performs a specific task.

Grav sleds enable you to collect and return resources back to your ships cargo hold. Larger Grav sleds will also enable you to remove larger items later when you access B1-C10 size derelicts.

There are various other tools which performs various tasks whilst exploring. You will require a Mechanical, Electrical and Diagnostic set if you wish to recover High Tech loot. As more is added to exploring derelicts more tools will be released.

Tools are engineered using Blue Prints, you can engineer them or purchase them from fellow players who have crafted them already.

How does O2, Ammo, Meds & Exoskeleton Armour work ?

O2, Ammo, Meds & Exoskeleton Armour are treated as ‘one time use consumable’ items. This means when you remove an item from your personal load-out the item is discarded.

It does not matter if the item was full, partially used or empty. Once removed it is discarded as ‘used’. This means a certain amount of forethought and planning must take place prior to exploring a derelict.

You can only use what you take with you. So it would be pointless starting an exploration with say a half full O2 tank or perhaps with only one or two meds left in your med kit.

This method is employed to say you the trouble of micro managing partial and near empty kits. But it does place the onus on you to plan ahead.

Space Suits, Side Arms and Tools are not classified as consumable.

How do I get more Stamina?

Each captain begins his life with 100 max Stamina. This stamina is used up whilst exploring derelicts. Various actions will use various amounts. Over time your stamina will replenish itself to your maximum Stamina limit.

Think of it like the way bio fuel is regenerated over time, the similar principle is true for stamina. Like fuel stamina is recovered every 15 minutes.

Currently 5 Stamina is recovered every 15 minutes. That’s a theoretical maximum of 480 Stamina a day if you were in and playing using stamina all day.

This type of regeneration means you can use up your stamina pool 3 or 4 times a day, every day should you wish.

CE Store Based Stamina Boosters.

There are a range of CE Store based account upgrades and extras to help you with Exploring both Planets and Derelicts. These are of course optional.

What do I need to Explore Derelicts?

Once you have located a Derelict and ensured you have a Suit and O2 supply fitted its time to start exploring. Derelicts are not totally safe so you should always read carefully whats fed back to you by your AI at all times.

You can wander the decks of a derelict till your O2 supply or your Stamina run out. Or if you encounter dangerous situations until your HP falls below a given point.

There are various options whilst inside a derelict. You can simply wander around mapping the location or use the various actions on the bottom tool bar.

You can Search, try to use any controls, use any tools you bought with you, fight when needed or use any medical kits you may have bought with you.

The last option is to bug out. When exploring the AI keeps a constant watch on you and your health stats. If you run out of O2 or Stamina or your health fails you can hit the ‘Bug Out’ options and the AI will send in an automated drone to recover you.

To fully utilize the fun of exploring derelicts you will require certain tools.

A Grav Sled – For hauling back loot you cant carry.
A Gyro Spanner Tool used for mechanical actions.
A Diagnostic Sensor used for diagnostic actions.
A Electrical Scanner used for electrical actions.

The above tools are only required to fully leverage the most from a derelict. These items are engineered and some Blue prints will be readily available in stores whilst others you will have to locate whilst exploring.

What will I need to Locate and access Derelicts?

Derelicts can be explored by anyone over the a captain level of 10. You will require the following items before you can successfully begin exploration.
On your personal load out (Space suit icon the blue footer bar) you will need the following fitted.

A Space Suit and an Oxygen supply. These items can be purchased initially from a Sven or Boris store and later you can craft them if you have the schematics and blue prints.

Then you will need a Docking Collar. This is a special item and is a player crafted special. They come in three sizes Docking Collar – Small, medium and Universal.

You will require Explorer League Faction rank to fit anything past the initial Docking Collar – Small.

Lastly you will require a Derelict scanner. There are three of these. Each is capable of scanning for different classes of derelict. Initially you will want a Derelict System Scanner T1. This will scan for derelicts A1 to A10. This will then mean anything you locate you can dock with using your docking collar.

Later as you rank up with the Explorers League you can fit larger docking collars and upgrade your scanner to locate larger derelicts.

How do I locate Derelicts?

Derelicts come in many shapes and sizes. They are classified in a Range from A1 to C10. A1 being the smallest of the type and C10 being large structures like battleships or large orbital stations.

Derelicts can be located in almost any place where humanity has traveled, although you will require the correct scanning equipment to locate them. There are currently three scanners available to the public.

These are player crafted and range from the smallest Derelict System Scanner T1 to the largest Derelict System Scanner T3. Each scanner has the ability to locate derelicts within its scanner class.

The T1 will scan for derelicts from A1 to A10.
The T2 will scan for derelicts from A1 to B10.
The T3 will scan for derelicts from A1 to C10.

Note: These scanners use 5 fuel to activate and scan a location of space. They cannot be used in orbit of a jump-gate.

What is a Derelict ?

A derelict can is normally a space craft or small orbital station that is no longer active or manned. Derelicts should not be confused with wrecks. A wreck is a ship that has been virtually destroyed and all that remains is wreckage to be salvaged.

Derelicts come in many shapes and sizes. They are classified in a Range from A1 to C10. A1 being the smallest of the type and C10 being large structures like battleships or large orbital stations.

Derelicts can be located in almost any place where humanity has traveled, although you will require the correct scanning equipment to locate them.

How do I access Engineering Items?

In order to make blue print based items, you need to have two things: an available Engineering Processing Station, and a Premium Account. You can find the EPS using the Finder icon on the bottom of the game screen, second from the right. There are multiple ways to achieve a Premium Account.

You can pay for one from the CE store, vote your way into one, buy one through the Festive Store, and even win one.

Watch for the frequent postings in the forum threads for those and other opportunities.