This is a Research Academy – Primer, it is NOT a full explanation on its uses or outcomes but covers enough so that you can understand how to use it and where to start.

Crystals – No more crafting
Due to the Explosion that Destroyed Research Star-base 2 in Hexham, crafting with Crystals has been removed from the game. You will find that the crystal option on certain builds no longer exists. This system of ‘improving an item’ has been superseded by the New Research Academy.

The Crystal Exchange Program
To use the services of the Research Academy you are required to provide them with ‘Research Academy Points’. These you can gain by trading in your Crystals. As crystals have now been classified as extremely hazardous you would be wise to hand them over to the Crystal Exchange program in return for R.A.Points. You can still trade them and use them in other functions of Core-Exiles but you can no longer use them for crafting.

You should find the Crystal Exchange Program listed in the Finder. There should be roughly 2 in each major Galaxy. The exchange rate for Crystals is based on their rarity in game. Currently there are some 11K of crystals floating around so values are relatively low. Over time this MAY rise, but whilst players hoard them this will not be the case.

Research Academy

You will find these dotted around the Galaxies or you may find them on Settlements Level 5 and above if the owner has taken out a contract for one.
Take time to read the instructions inside the RA. All you need to do is to ‘Load’ an item in to the RA system. This is done from the Categories at the bottom of the screen.

Loading / Cancel
The process of loading moves the item FROM your ship Store TO the RA system. Should you decide to CANCEL the project simply do so and the item will be returned. IF you leave the office with the item still inserted into the system it will REMAIN there.

Luckily all the Research Academies are linked and you can visit ANY of them to either continue the project or cancel the project and retrieve the item.

Available R.A.P.
If you have enough Research Access Points you will be informed that you can activate the project and a button will appear to do so. If you do not have sufficient you will not be able to continue and a Red bar will inform you of this.

Activate The Project
If you are happy to continue and have sufficient RAP you can press the Activate Project button. This will place the item into the RA queue and begin the project of disassembly and research. Once it is completed the item will be reassembled and you will be informed by Private Message of the changes. The item will also be couriered direct to your ship. So there is no need to go back and collect it.

Time Scale
The time will depend on the Captain Level of the items which in turn extends the complexity of the project. Once activated the project shows you the rough ETA it will be completed and returned.

RA Enabled Items
You will quickly spot that not everything can ‘currently’ be processed through the Research Academy. So far we have cleared approx 2400+ items to be processed through the RA. Over time we will clear more and more items and they will begin to appear in the category lists. Also you will see over time more Categories appear including things like Settlements, Pods, Specials etc.

RE Completed Item
Each category of items can be affected / modified / improved in ONE of various ways. As this is just a primer I wont list them all and in fact that’s down to you the players to figure out. We can say however that the Single improvement is chosen at RANDOM and then passed through the system. There are lower and upper limits to the bonuses applied and again these are for players to figure out.

Account Bound
Items that are passed through the RA project process and completed are then Account Bound. This means they cannot be sold or traded. They also cannot be stored in the Secure Store. However – You can return unwanted projects to the Research Academy and using the relevant button inside the office you can ‘Trade In’ the items for a percentage refund in R.A.Points.



Also, See Exiles Foundry on this topic


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