First off…
This is a Primer and NOT a full guide. It will outline what to expect and what not to expect. Make of this what you will, but its added to give you a leg up and understand the basics of using the Foundries.

The Foundry History
The foundry came in to being after Dr Maxwell Dickerson & his team of scientists and researchers made a breakthrough in the use of U.A Metals and Minerals. These they found could be combined to form Nano Metals. In turn certain combinations of Nano Metals could be used to create nearly any thing on the elements table. From Ackvemah to Zenithious the implications were staggering.

Foundry Locations
At present the foundries have been located at key Galactic Locations. You can locate them using the in game ‘CE Finder’ which resides on your tool bar on the footer of the game. You can also take out a Foundry Contract if you own a Settlement level 5 or above.

Foundry Stage 1
This section of the foundry is designed for the amalgamation of U.A Minerals and Metals to form Nano Metals. There are currently Ten types of Nano metal. These can be accessed through the drop down in this section of the foundry.

For each production run of Nano Metals you complete you will be awarded 5 Foundry Points. These are utilised in the second stage of the foundry and are key to increasing your Foundry Patterns.

U.A Commodities will need to be in your ships store for the foundry to locate them. The resulting non transferable Nano Metals will be placed in your ships Misc store for you.

Foundry Stage 2
There are two elements to the stage 2 of the foundry. To be able to utilise the Foundry Patterns you will need to research said patterns. This is done for you by the Foundry Pattern Research Department (F.P.R.D). Initially you will require 20 Foundry points (gained from forging Nano Metals in stage 1).

If you don’t already have a Foundry Pattern under research you can start one. The stage 2 section will inform you how many Foundry Points are required and also of the expected time scale for the pattern to be processed.

Once complete you will be informed by ‘Private Message’ and the Pattern uploaded to your personal database for use in the stage 2 foundry.

When you have a Pattern you can access it via the drop down. Simply select it as your desired pattern. You will then be shown the Nano Metal requirements. The system also calculates how many units of the end resource the current pattern will produce for the required Nano Metals.

At this time it is unknown just how many patterns can be made or their requirements. Over time as the Foundry Pattern Research Department completes their research we will get a better understanding.

The patterns produced are sent directly to your personal library and can only be accessed from within a Foundry. The F.P.R.D will ensure you never receive a duplicate pattern but cannot indicate what the next pattern may be.

Pattern activation
It is likely that as your pattern library grows that you may be asked to invest in certain Certifications. This is to ensure that you and your AI have the ability to process the Pattern Data. Initially this should not be an issue and you will be informed by the F.P.R.D in good time. It is important therefore that you review each communication from the F.P.R.D. Should you ignore their requests you may find yourself unable to activate further pattern research. A spokes man for the F.P.R.D stated that they expect that most captains will be able to research approximately 50 Patterns before the need of certification arises.

Pattern Forging
Once you have your pattern and sufficient Nano Metals you can activate the forge process. This will use the Nano Metals and produce the indicated amount of said resource. You should note that the resource in question is placed in the local Commercial Store for safe keeping.



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