Certificate Training: Certificates are required to pilot Player Made Ships. Each ship has a list of prerequisites, these must be met before the ship can be flown. The process of learning these certificates is certification.

Certificates can be purchased from certain stores or gained by completing NPC mission lines.

You must be level 60 or above and have a ‘Superior Head Implant‘ fitted to start the certification process.

Certificates are unique in Core-Exiles in that they are learnt in real time. Once you have a certificate, it will show in the bottom list and display your Current Level for that certificate.

You can only train ONE certificate at a time, and once commenced it cannot be stopped! So choose wisely.

Once a certificate has been uploaded to the neural buffer of a head implant, it begins to slowly diffuse the information over time, allowing the ‘recipient’ to instantly recall these new commands with zero side effects.

When a certificate has completed its ‘Learning Cycle’ you will also find you accrue a certain amount of ‘Certificate Points’. These can be collected and traded in for IP points at the IP Trainers dotted around the Galaxies.