Active Trade Missions: A players Active Trade missions will appear in this tab so if you click on it and it says you have no missions active well that is what it means.

Why does it show that I have no active missions, when I selected them at the store? This can only happen if you failed to press the mission ACCEPT button, or your cargo hold was too full to take the amount of cargo for the mission you tried to take. In the last case you will always see a warning box telling you that your hold is too full. Also be warned that on very (very) rare occasions pirates do take your mission cargo during the special event Pirate Attack!!.

Why do some missions have an asterisk next too them: These missions require you to have a INTER-GALACTIC TELEMETRY BEACON fitted to your ship in one of the special slots. As they require you to travel to a new and very dangerous galaxy called the Expanse and only with the IGTB will you be able to get there. There is also a level requirement of level 30 to reach before you can go there.

I have accepted a mission to the expanse (see previous) and am unable to get there: If you take a mission you can’t complete, you can cancel it by clicking on the abort button next to the mission in the Active missions tab.

Will I lose Reputation with the Faction, whose mission I took: Your reputation can be harmed if you continually abort missions.

Is there a time limit on delivering cargo: No but you might find that while carrying trade cargo you will be unable to carry out other tasks, like combat or exploration.

How do i know what missions to take: If you are not sure of the destinations there is a map icon at the bottom of your screen (button closest too the LIVE HELP button on the right hand side). This opens up a map separate to the main screen. You can use this to look at the locations that are available and where they go to help plan a route. You can also use the Galactic Locator in the Game Info menu in the upper left of your screen.

I have docked at the Jump Gate Nexus and do not know where to go: Once you have selected your missions and docked at the jump gate nexus, you can use the plotter option, on the navigation bar.