Navigation: Navigation in the Expanse once past the initial few systems will require you to scan each system prior to being able to see the contents of that system on the navigation screen. As you complete EACH system you will be given 50 Astro Navigation Data Points. Once a system is fully scanned you will be able to see the navigation screen and the planets etc within that system and can then travel back and forth to that system as normal. Each system has a certain amount of Astrogation Scanning required (Using survey drones). Survey Drones can be crafted by players. They are a ‘use once’ item. They have a skill and captain level (dependant on the Survey drone type). Always make sure you meet these requirements or the survey drones will not appear in the selection list.

Deploying: Once a drone is deployed it will start to survey a given sector of space within that system. If it returns and has successfully stored data this will be used to build up the system nav map. If the drone fails or is destroyed or simply returns with no data this will be classified as a failed survey. Each ‘successful’ scan will count towards your ‘Astrogation Scanning‘ points of that system. Each system has its own A.S points required. You can launch up to 100 Survey drones per day. (this can be increased with specialised devices). Upon successfully completing the ‘Astrogation Scanning’ points, you will be shown the navigation screen displaying the system as you would normally expect. You will also at that time be awarded ’50’ Astro Navigation Data Points. These will enable you to advance to the next system.

Warning: XP and Credits can be lost as well as gained during this process. You may also find other events will have affects on your vessel. ALWAYS read the event text so you are fully aware of the event out come.