This Office is used to collect Modules used in the production of one of Seven Wormhole Anchors. Each project is an individual project to build a Wormhole Anchor in orbit of the planet in question.

The gates have been completed, but still require massive amounts of maintenance. Captains may continue to contribute modules which will allow them to earn Anchor Points with which to secure their Negative Energy Induction device.

The modules for these projects are available from Anchor Schematics, a store set up by the Coalition. Settlement owners can add this store to their settlements should they wish. You can alternatively purchase the schematics from a store opened on Jerris Outpost in Fieron.

The purpose of the Wormhole Anchors was to create a fixed point in each Galaxy that a Negative Energy Induction system can lock on to and open a stable wormhole. This will give the captain of a ship the ability to jump from anywhere in the known Universe to a specific Anchor gate. Deposits at the Project Office will earn you (or your guild) Anchor Points in return for the donations of Modules. Each module is worth 50 Anchor Points.

The Corporate versions can ONLY be purchased from a W.H.A Project representative using Anchor Points. Therefore, it is in your interest to help the Project. When depositing, you will see there are two methods. One for personal captain donations and one for donations on behalf of your Guild. Donating for your guild adds Anchor Points to your Guild’s Account. Deposits made on behalf of the Guild will also add a 0.002 % management bonus. This is a management payout bonus that once the gate is complete and in operation will generate income from Commercial and Military use of the gate.