Javoran Exploration: Exploring planets in Javoran Space is a dangerous pass time. It requires landing on a Javoran home world and using Combat Exploration Mechs to ‘Explore, Survey and combat the population’. The Coalition has committed itself to the War on the Javorans and in agreement with the Naristro will support the ‘activity’ of Combat Exploration on any Javoran home world.

The system is similar in principle to that when carrying out normal ‘Exploration’ but with the added handicap of doing so with Hybrid Mech’s, on a hostile world. These early mechs were cobbled together to gather survey data, explore the planet and have strong combat capabilities. The Exploration Mechs are capable of ‘multiple use’ but they must return successfully from an exploration mission to be used again. Due to the support of the Naristro in these combat explorations you will be paid in Talas (the local Alien currency). Should you find any resources you are free to keep them. Any data or exploration survey information must be turned over to the Coalition. Each successful Combat Exploration will be added towards the global planet conquest. Once the planet has been fully explored and pacified the Coalition will then move in and create a Human Coalition Outpost on the planet.

Warning: XP and Credits can be lost as well as gained during this process. You may also find other events will have affects on your vessel. ALWAYS read the event text so you are fully aware of the event out come.