Combat Exploration Mechs were specifically designed for exploring planets in the Expanse. There are currently three types of mechs.

Exploration Mech Type 1: Captain Level 35. Offers a 5% bonus.

Exploration Mech Type 2: Captain Level 45. Offers an 8% bonus.

Exploration Mech Type 3: Captain Level 55. Offers a 12% bonus.

Each mech is the work of scientists from the Coalition and Power Forge Productions engineers. It’s a hybrid and whilst not 100% suited to it’s task it is capable of the basic functions required.

These mechs are constructed to come in ‘self assembly’ format and use both Alien and Az-Pat resources to create the hybrid design required. Capable of combat, survey and exploration these mechs incorporate the very best of current AI technology.

Please Note : An E.M.T can only be used once you have ‘Landed’ on a Javoran planet. This mech cannot be used for normal exploration.