Accessing the Jump Drive Navigation system is done from the Main Jump Gate page. Once parked in the Jump Gate Network this Icon becomes available in the Top right Hand corner. Clicking this Icon will take you directly to the Jump Drive Navigation system.

J.D.N: This stands for Jump Drive Navigator. To access this screen you need to have a JDN fitted in a systems slot. These come in different sizes but all do the same thing. They form an autopilot system that navigates the Jump Gates for you at the click of a button.

J.D.N List: The list you can see on the right of this page is a list of systems within the Jump Drive Navigators “range”. Each JDN has a set range so its important you read up on your JDN from the relevant info pages.

Jumping: The primary point of the JDN system is to enable you to simply choose a destination from the list on the right and then Press the ‘Activate JDN’ button. This will then automatically navigate you through the Gate system and undock your ship in the system of your choice.

Advanced J.D.N: This system is tied in to your AI Passenger and Mission manifest allowing the AI to proffer automated routes for Missions and Passengers destinations you may have active at that time. Thereby saving the Captain time and effort working astro correlations between manifest destinations and nearby star systems. Only one JDN should be fitted at any time.

Fuel Use: The JDN like anything else that requires fuel will only work if you have sufficient fuel to jump the distance to the Target system.

Please note : J.D.N systems whilst very reliable will navigate around gravitational distortions sometimes leading to slightly higher fuel use than may be expected. This is rare but not an unheard of event.