The Purpose?: The Core-Exiles Game is currently spread over several Galaxies and 100’s of systems. Each system contains Planets, Starbases, Asteroids Fields, Orbiting Refineries, Settlements etc. Asking you to remember where everything was would be a ludicrous request so we have added the Galactic Locator to assist you in locating the places you are looking for.

A-Z: As you can see from the locator screen (accessed from the Game Info menu) it really is simple. You need to locate somewhere; drag the screen control down until you locate it in the list. The list is of all locations ‘within’ systems. Once you locate the location your looking for click the ‘Locate Now’ button. This takes you to a Location Info screen. This performs several functions. It allows you to read the Bio of this location. Please note not all locations have Bios as this is a work in progress and the Galaxies are always growing so bear with us if you find that the planet or location does not yet have any text. Secondly there are two images (when available) for the location. This will give you some idea what the location looks like both from orbit and when docked / Landed.

Still lost?: The last section on the far right shows the pertinent data you need to locate any location within Core-exiles. First you need the Galaxy (so you know where to begin looking), then the System. This enables you to use the correct Galactic Map (on the footer) and locate the System of your destination.

Settlements: Settlements appear within the Galactic Locator as well as other locations. To locate a Settlement first locate the Galaxy, then the system (as per normal). Now when arriving in the system you will see that the Planets in that system have the number of Ports listed. Those with more than 1 have a Settlement. This will enable you to ‘narrow’ your search to the correct location.