The Jump Gate Network can be thought of as an extremely large Rail network. You dock at one point (Jump Gate) and are offered the next reachable gate(s). You can use the navigation plotter to assist you in locating the most direct route to your destination. You then move along the Rail/Jump network one gate at a time to that destination. Should you choose to do so you can then continue on to another system in the network or undock from the Jump Gate and enter back into Normal space in the system of your choice. 

Distance: There are currently 160 systems mapped over 6 Galaxies. Each system has a relevant distance versus fuel cost. The cost to travel from your “current” point in the Jump Gate system to the next is shown in the list. Faction: Each system can be owned or Governed by a body like Gal-Fed, Confed or the Alliance. Or a system can be ‘Contested’. Always keep this in mind when traveling around the Jump Gate network. Exiting into a system that is Contested can mean you’re dropping into grave danger if unprepared. 

Dock – Undock: You have to Dock at a Jump Gate to enter the Jump Gate Network and the same applies in reverse to Leave the network, you need to Undock. This places your ship back in Normal space in the system of your current Destination. Should you have a Jump Drive Navigator system fitted to your ship (Autopilot) you can access the Jump Drive Navigation system using this Icon. Clicking this Icon will take you directly to the Jump Drive Navigation system page. 

Expanse – Astro Navigation: Should you be in the Expanse you will see an extra column on the Navigation screen. Due to the way the Expanse is mapped once past the initial systems that were mapped for you there is a requirement of ‘Astro Navigation Points’. You can gather these by successfully completing the ‘Scanning / Survey‘ of a system. Each successful complete system survey will net you 50 Astro Navigation Points. You will see that each system has a certain ‘Ast Nav’ Requirement. Unless your Astro Navigation points are equal or higher you will not be able to jump into that system. Whilst in the Expanse your Astro Navigation points are displayed on the Jump Gate screen.