Federation of Mining missions, now refereed to as FOM missions:

First off – You can only take ONE mission at a time. These missions, or contracts have specific loot to collect that can only be located whilst the mission is active. So remember only one mission at a time. Secondly the FOM take their work seriously and should you take a mission they expect you to complete it. You can of course abort the mission but you will pay a 100% fine based off the Credit and XP awards of the mission you took.

So on to a few guides and rules: The FOM offices will not generate missions for players below the level of 10 outside of the Sphere. This is not because they are trying to be mean but they do not want their junior members becoming lost. Once level 10 and above you will be offered missions in all areas except the Expanse. To gain missions to the Expanse you must be captain level 30 or above. Your FOM Faction Rank affects how many missions are generated for you at a time and also will increase the upper limit of Mission ores you can be expected to locate. The distance and amount of mission items you have to find directly affect the offered credits. XP and Faction XP are then based directly off the credits. So the further away the Asteroid field and the more items you have to collect the greater the reward.

Collecting Mission Ores: Mission items can only be located whilst at the target Asteroid Field. You will not find them anywhere else whilst the mission is active. Your ship has been specially modified for this mission to identify the ores and tractor them on-board for you. At that time the AI will have them placed in special ‘tagged’ crates and moved to your ships MISC store area. When you have sufficient items to complete the mission simply use the ‘submit’ option in the Active FOM mission drop down page. The AI will then eject the containers and activate a homing beacon for the FOM haulers to come collect. This means you can complete a mission without having to return to the office from which it came.

Completing & Review Mission: On the top right hand side of your screen is a drop down box entitled ‘View Tasks’ From this you can access your active FOM mission under the ‘Active FOM Mission’ section. From here you can review your progress or remind yourself where you are meant to be or action the mission.

Abort: As stated above aborting a FOM mission will incur a 100% fine based on the Mission rewards! Do so at your own peril.

Submit: You can only submit the mission for completion once you have enough items. If the button is lit up then you can submit it and will be informed of the outcome. Credits, XP and Faction XP will be added to your account when you return to the next screen.

Mission Item Transfer: The Mission Ores collected are non-transferable. This means you cannot trade them with anyone else or sell them via the Player Market or store them in the Secure Store.