ORSA Extraction Resources in Sphere

Minor Spoilers: This is a list of resources that can be extracted from ORSA fields in Sphere.

This is not intended as a tutorial on using extractors. It also does not include resources in galaxies outside of Sphere, which have different resources available. Most resources below are also found in the other human galaxies, though each has new resources for the captain to discover and collect.

Regional resources are not listed here, and are discussed separately in the article “Regional Resources”. The regional resources are only found on the settlement with their name, and require the same survey skill as their base material. (Water (Beltaine), Water (Olivat), and Water all require a survey skill of 15.)

The first list is alphabetical by resource name, and includes the extractor type required and survey skill needed to place an extractor.

The second list is sorted by survey skill, allowing a captain to see what a given survey skill can extract.

By resource:

Agro Grow, Flora, Survey 80

Alucite Ore, Metal, Survey 60

Animal Feed, Flora, Survey 50

Bio Enzymes, Flora, Survey 80

Bio Foods, Flora, Survey 40

Boron, Metal, Survey 160

Byzilliam Ore, Mineral, Survey 225

Cereal, Flora, Survey 10

Copper Ore, Metal, Survey 50

Corn, Flora, Survey 15

Dylithium Ore, Mineral, Survey 160

Dylithium Gas, Gas, Survey 225

Dyterium Ore, Mineral, Survey 180

Dyzalithiaum Fuel, Fuel, Survey 60

Inert Gas, Gas, Survey 30

Iridium, Metal, Survey 170

Iron Ore, Metal, Survey 25

Isotopes, Radioactives, Survey 70

Oats, Flora, Survey 10

Ore, Mineral, Survey 5

Oxygen, Gas, Survey 20

Plasteel, Metal, Survey 100

Radioactive Stocks, Radioactives, Survey 70

Reactive Gas, Gas, Survey 60

Refined Chemicals, Liquid, Survey 70

Refined Dyterium, Mineral, Survey 200

Refined Metal, Metal, Survey 70

Refined Trisiolate Gas, Gas, Survey 200

Refined Tryonite, Mineral, Survey 200

Rice, Flora, Survey 5

Rubidium, Metal, Survey 140

Steel, Metal, Survey 70

Strontium, Metal, Survey 150

Tessarine Gas, Gas, Survey 200

Tessarine Ore, Mineral, Survey 190

Titanium, Metal, Survey 110

Traylon Gas, Gas, Survey 130

Trigenite Ore, Mineral, Survey 150

Tryonite Ore, Mineral, Survey 170

Tungsten, Metal, Survey 120

Turbocite, Mineral, Survey 5

Water, Liquid, Survey 15

Wheat, Flora, Survey 20

Wood, Flora, Survey 40

Zirconium, Metal, Survey 130


By survey skill:

Survey 5: Ore, Rice, Turbocite

Survey 10: Cereal, Oats,

Survey 15: Corn, Water

Survey 20: Oxygen, Wheat

Survey 25: Iron Ore

Survey 30: Inert Gas

Survey 40: Bio Foods, Wood

Survey 50: Animal Feed, Copper Ore

Survey 60: Alucite Ore, Dyzalithiaum Fuel, Reactive Gas

Survey 70: Isotopes, Radioactives, Radioactive Stocks, Refined Chemicals, Refined Metal, Steel

Survey 80: Agro Grow, Bio Enzymes

Survey 100: Plasteel

Survey 110: Titanium

Survey 120: Tungsten

Survey 130: Traylon Gas, Zirconium

Survey 140: Rubidium

Survey 150: Strontium, Trigenite Ore

Survey 160: Boron, Dylithium Ore

Survey 170: Iridium, Tryonite Ore

Survey 180: Dyterium Ore

Survey 190: Tessarine Ore

Survey 200: Refined Dyterium, Refined Trisiolate Gas, Refined Tryonite, Tessarine Gas 200

Survey 225: Byzilliam Ore, Dylithium Gas