There are 100’s of systems all connected together by ‘Jump Gates’.

To move from system to system you must enter the jump gate network then traverse the network exiting at your system of choice.

Step 1: Looking at the system screen, left click on the jump gate image

Step 2: Either click the jump gate image again or the ‘Dock at jump gate Nexus’ text

Step 3: If you wish to leave the system click the ‘Dock Now’ icon, otherwise click on ‘Cancel Request’

Step 4: Now you will be given a choice of destinations and where you go from there is up to you.

You will see that all the destinations have a fuel unit requirement and the faction controlling the system.

Click on the jump button to move to your desired destination. Once at the system you want to be at click the ‘Undock in XXX’ Option. This returns you to normal space.


To figure out where all the Jump gates go, use the in game map which is the second to last icon on the end of the bottom tool bar.

This loads the in game map. Let the map load and once its finished it will automatically center on your position.

It is rather large and can take some time to load until your browser has cached it.

You can drag the map around or use the locator built in to look for a specific system. As a new player to Core-Exiles we suggest you get used to the map and the method of travel before starting off on any long voyages of discovery.

Once you have the map and travel down pat you can then start to explore.