Follow the guide to how to Move system to system over here to learn how to navigate through the jumpgate network.

This screen is displayed when you are undocked from a location such as a Star Base or Planet. It is also shown when you are in Orbit of a location such as an Asteroid field or Orbiting Refinery.

Generally speaking, the Navigation Screen enables you to move from Location to Location. Each system has a number of locations, these vary with each system and may differ greatly in composition.

Travelling in the system uses your standard engines and therefore burns a small amount of fuel. Generally, 1 unit of fuel is burnt to move from any location within a system to another in the same system.

Colour coding: You will find that different items in a system will be highlighted using different colours. Locations are shown in Yellow as standard. If you are AT that location, it will be listed in a Pink colour. You will also find that Cargo and Passenger Mission destinations will be highlighted for you, making it easier to locate your final destination within a system.

Navigation Header: The Navigation has a header bar that has a number of Icons located in the far right-hand corner. Some are standard icons, and a few will ONLY show when you are at the correct location.

If you have a scanner fitted to your ship, this will enable you to scan for other ships. You can scan for both NPC and Player ships. The better the scanner, the more the ships!

This takes you to the Repair Screen. This one is different from the one when docked, as it only uses Emergency Booster Kits (E.B.K) and Repair Drones that you have available in your ship’s stores.

This is the Launch Drone option and ONLY appears when you are in orbit of an Asteroid Field. From here you can launch any Mining Drones you may have in your ships stores.

This is the Asteroid Mining Icon, and it ONLY appears when you are in orbit of an Asteroid Field. Clicking on this will enable you to mine the Asteroid Field for Basic Ore.

This icon enables you to interact with any Refinery. It ONLY appears when you are in orbit of a Refinery, and from there you can drop off and refine any Ore you may have mined.

S.I.S: This stands for ‘Ships In system’ and refers to the amount of ships (players) currently in that system. This does not include new Player Zero level players.

Approach: Your ‘Current’ Location is shown at the top of the screen (Main Header). It also shows the Faction and Law Level, along with your Docked / Undocked Status. To move to another location, simply click the ‘Image’ on the Navigation Map’ of the intended destination. If you have sufficient fuel you will automatically fly to that location. (The location name will change to a pink colour)

Docking: When you reach the location you require, you will see an option to ‘Dock at XYZ’ at the bottom of the Navigation screen. If not, then it’s likely the location you are at is either a restricted planet or a location like an Asteroid Field or Refinery. Clicking the link to ‘Dock at XYZ’ (where XYZ = your chosen destination) will drop you down to the Planet / Star Base docking facilities and place you on the local promenade.

Landing: From time to time you will find planets where there is an option to ‘Land’ as opposed to Dock. This is because these are uninhabited planets that can (with the correct equipment) be landed on and explored by Captains. You will require a landing kit for your ship and some exploration deployment kits, E.D.K’s.

Jump Gates: The Navigation screen only allows you to travel from point to point inside the ‘Current’ System. To travel to another System, you need to dock at the local ‘Jump Gate’. This will place your ship inside the Jump Gate Nexus and allow you to travel the Jump Gate Network.

RAID Target: From time to time you may come across a RAID Target in a system. These are generally large, unfriendly targets that require teams of players to destroy. You may attempt to attack one, but doing so on your own is a recipe for disaster.

Follow the guide to how to Move system to system over here to learn how to navigate through the jumpgate network.