This is a Primer document for the purchase and management of a Genesis Deployment. It is not a full guide but is meant to give a player an understanding of where the current system is at and have an informed opinion before making a purchase.

Genesis & the Coalition
At this time tensions are running high with the A.I invaders popping up in many of our charted Nebula. Whilst the coalition forces have made some gains in removing them from a planet here or there, even blocking their advances in a few systems. But the war theorists back at Cinq Port all point to a collapse of resources and simple maths – they seem to out number us ten to 1.

With this in mind, the Coalition Council managed to tag on a late agreement with the Trade Federation for the inclusion of a Contract system within the Genesis Deployments. This they hope will get them much of the soon-to-be needed supplies and fill the war chest with toys of mass destruction.

Genesis & The Future
Each Genesis Deployment is capable (with the correct level of support and infrastructure) to become self-sustaining to a large point. Resource collection, primary manufacturing and secondary Large Scale construction facilities mean that a Genesis Deployment can over time research and build on a large scale.

This will allow deployment owners to plan for the future. At this point in time supporting the A.I. war is likely to be pushed to the forefront, but already the boffins are preloading the ‘Aurora’ industrial centres with plans for Star-base defences, shields and wide variety of large scale build systems.

Initially, it seems that the Aurora facility will be used to fill the coalitions burgeoning contracts for the war effort, but that doesn’t mean you have to.

Purchasing a Deployment Plot
Once the Galactic Survey Department is 100% happy and have completed compiling the data gathered by civilian and military exploration teams, they will open the ‘Genesis Land Management Office’. This will appear on completed planets (Sankarea being the first).

This office will initially have 200 vacant plots. More will be released later should they been needed but the G.S.D have only cleared an initial 200 plots at this time. Their primary concern is safety and suitability.

Each plot is priced accordingly. Prices range from around 20 Mill up to close to 100 mill for top spots. I’ve been asked to remind you that these are purchased with Genesis Points and not Credits. you can gain Genesis points by helping to complete currently active Genesis Deployments.

Each plot has had the data complied by the Galactic Survey Department and a brief report prepared for perusal. Plots will vary in their Gas, Chemical and Mineral deposits and wildlife may be something you may want to take in to consideration.

There will also be an overall rating and a Grade applied to each plot along with a Contract Location Factor. This relates to any possible benefits you will get due to the location of the plot and the Coalitions’ ability to run contracts to and from your plot.

At the end of the day, it’s up to each of you who decide to purchase a plot to do your homework. This is a primer and NOT a full guide. Ask those that went before you, or simply make sure you read every scrap of info on offer.

Lastly, a reminder that at this point you will ONLY be allowed to purchase ONE plot. Secondary plots will become available in time and will be accessed through research.

Made a Purchase – Now What….
Once you have purchased your plot you will be able to access it from the ‘Genesis Land Management System’. This is accessible from the top RIGHT drop down in game.

Genesis Buildings
There are buildings for each type of activity currently available on a Genesis Deployment. All bar two are currently player crafted. This means you will also find a new Schematic Store in operation. These schematics will cost ‘Genesis Points’ to purchase, but the items crafted can be sold freely to your fellow players. Take note that many of these schematics were designed with help from our Alien Neighbours, so be prepared for some whacky designs and requirements.

Genesis Fusion Reactor
These provide the power for the Genesis Deployment. You can mix and match these and like ALL the genesis buildings they are fully automated and do NOT require any staff. Each building has a daily maintenance cost, which comes directly from the owner’s ships account.

More Energy can be gained through research, allowing the Deployment to draw on Geothermal energy to boost any energy already in place from Fusion reactors.

Genesis Extractor Buildings
There are currently three main buildings for collecting resources. The Genesis Open Mine, Genesis Bio Production & Genesis Deep Core Mining Facility. These buildings collect resources each hour based on the resource value of the plot and boosted by research on each type of resource collection.

All resources collected are stored automatically by the Genesis Deployment and made available for the Manufacturing Centres when required.

Genesis Manufacturing
Again, a series of buildings with a specific task in life. These are the Genesis Manufacturing – Leonov, Genesis Manufacturing – Moya, Genesis Manufacturing – Kassandra & Genesis Manufacturing – Venture.

Each takes collected resources and manufactures two output resources. Again, these buildings work on a standard hourly cycle and can be boosted through independent research.

Genesis Research Centre
The research centre is really the be all and end all of the research centres. It has been designed to be fully automated and over time can be programmed by the boffins back at Coalition Research HQ with new and helpful updates.

Research through this facility is done in real time. Only one topic of research can be done at a time so choose wisely. Note that a Genesis Deployment can only support a Single research building and that once deployed it cannot be removed.

Genesis Freight Port
The freight Port once deployed cannot be removed and only one is required per deployment. Once activated, it will allow you access to the Coalition contract office. This will enable you to recoup some of the financial losses you will have incurred financing a deployment.

Over time as your deployment levels up more options will become available from the Freight Port allowing the Genesis Deployment to further integrate with outside sources.

Genesis Industrial Centre – Aurora

The jewel in your Genesis Crown. The Aurora works from ‘Plans’ these are similar to schematics but far more user-friendly. The operator / owner merely has to scan through the list of plans they have unlocked and start the build process.

This process uses the ‘Shake & Bake’ system, this means that once started the process will take X amount of time to complete. During that time, it cannot be stopped or changed. Differing plans will have differing requirements and take varying time scales. Some as quick as 20 minutes, some taking days.

Plans are unlocked by using Research, Resources, Manufacturing, Space & Land Construction points. These you will gain as you learn how to utilise your Genesis Deployment.

The Aurora once deployed cannot be removed and only one is required per deployment.

Note: This facility has been designed so that you can unlock more and more plans as you gain points. Over time, we will add a lot more to this facility, initially these plans are a mix of A.I related combat systems, star-base defences and offence systems and some contractual items to help both the war effort and you in return.

Finally, a Personal Note: No one is going to get rich overnight with a Genesis Deployment. This was designed as an extension to the game, a method by which we can add more and more to the game without constantly draining game based resources and creating 100’s and 100’s of new schematics, as we have well over 2K of those already.

Sure the fact that the buildings are resources based will be a drain but we tend to look long term and not short term. I hope you have as much fun using these facilities as I had coming up with them ;)