This is a Primer Guide for Pimping your Ship (Player Made). You should READ this guide carefully if thinking about going down this path. We (The Staff) will not be held responsible if you fail to take note of the methods and limits employed.

At level 60 you can have a Ship Crafted for you that can begin to utilise the Upgrade system. This is done by the owner of a Level Six settlement who has opted to spec his settlement for Starship crafting. The method is a shake and bake one, meaning that the ship is cooked / prepared over a period of time.

Player made ships are produced using Modules specially prepared and selected by you the end ‘owner’ of the ship. These modules affect the overall stats of the ship. This included everything from armour and hull to energy, speed, Pods, Special slots etc.

Player made ships come also with a Skill point bonus. This means when you activate the ship as your current ship you get a skill bonus to each of your (non Alien) skills. This bonus is removed should you move out of the ship. There are other guides to Player made ships but the afore mentioned is a quick overview.

Having said all that not only do the ships take time to collate all the resources needed but tend to be VERY expensive. Many captains don’t choose to get a PM ship until they are in to their later levels as they worry about out growing its usefulness too soon.

But the same can be said for captains level 90, 100 and onwards. As you progress in CE you will likely outpace your ships abilities. You will need more cargo space, more energy or perhaps wish you had a higher skill bonus etc.

At the moment your only choice is to place the ship in the Hangar and get another one or sell it off to a younger player looking for the same dream you had last year :)

Pimp Your Ship
Crazy Ivan’s family were well known in the Core for their ‘skills’ at pimping out ships. The core eventually caught up with them and expelled them to the Sphere. Since their arrival they have been gearing up to ‘restart’ their business but outside the Core.

They can offer a series of ‘upgrades’ to any PM ship. There are some caveats and rules and the ‘upgrade process’ requires you to pay some attention. But as long as you read the information, understand the method you will be able to upgrade your PM ship as you progress through your time at Core-Exiles.

Pimp Options
The Crazy Ivan Family business is offering the following upgrade Options to any PM ship Captain Level 60 or above.

Armour Upgrade : Each upgrade increases the ships Armour by 1,000 Hit Points
Hull Upgrade : Each upgrade increases the ships Hull by 1,000 Hit Points
Energy Upgrade : Each upgrade adds 5,000 energy to the ships energy output
Cargo Upgrade : Each Upgrade adds 100 Cargo space to the ships basic capacity
Skill Boost Upgrade : Each upgrade increases the ships skill boost by 15

Special One Off Boost
Captain Level Reduction by 5 Levels. This upgrade reduces the captain level requirement of the PM ship in question by Five Levels. This upgrade can Only be added once per ship.

Upgrade Restrictions
As with everything in CE there are some restrictions to this service. Each unique ship has a LIMIT of how many ‘upgrades’ can be added to it over its life time. At level 60 (the lowest level a PM ship can be upgraded) you can add ONE upgrade. As the Captain level rises you can add ONE more upgrade PER 10 captain levels.

Example. Say you have a ship that has a level 70 Captain restriction, this ship can have 2 upgrades added to it.
Example. Say you have a ship that has a level 80 Captain restriction, this ship can have 3 upgrades added to it.
Example. Say you have a ship that has a level 90 Captain restriction, this ship can have 4 upgrades added to it.

Following this logic, every 10 levels of ship restriction higher activates ONE more Upgrade option. So by the time you get to a ship say with 180 captain restriction (yes some players are flying those) you would be able to add 13 upgrades to the ship in question.

Mix my Upgrades ?
How you choose to add the upgrades is up to you. Lets say you have a level 90 PM ship. This means you can add Four upgrades. You might want three Cargo upgrades and an Energy upgrade – Fine.

You may have wanted One Armour, One Hull One Cargo and One Skill – all fine.
You may mix and match or load up one specific Upgrade UP TO the LIMIT of the ship are per explained in the section above.

Q: Does the Captain reduction upgrade count towards my upgrade restrictions?
A: Yes adding the captain level reduction uses one of your upgrades for the ship in question.

Non Player Made Ship?
Can you add these upgrades to normal ships not crafted through the Shake and bake process – NO.

Where do I get the Upgrades?
The PM ship Upgrade Pimp Service will be offered through the Core-Exiles Support Store.

The Pimp Process

Now this is where you have to pay some attention. For us to pimp your shiny ship with the changes we need to have full access to it through the Universal Hangar. So the path to upgrading is thus :

#1 Purchase your upgrades – in the CE official Support Store.

#2 Locate your intended ships ID. This looks something like this : #CP-190 Alpha-VIII. It can be found by docking and looking in the Universal hangar. If your still flying the ship in question its shown in the top of the hangar as your active ship. If the ship is on the Hangar and you are not flying it you can find the ID# by VIEWING the ship. The ID# tag is a unique identifier for your ship and is required before we can continue.

#3 Dock and MOVE OUT of your INTENDED Target Ship. IE move into another ship or a shuttle. We cannot proceed unless you have exited the vessel. NOTE: THIS CAN BE A LENGTHY PROCESS DEPENDING ON YOUR SET UP.

#4 PM ‘Coops‘ in game and give me your Ships ID# Let me know that your happy to proceed and if you like confirm the upgrades purchased (I will have a record).

At this point I will check and verify your NOT flying the ship in question and upgrade with the items purchased.

You will receive a PM back informing you the upgrade pimping process has been completed. At that time you can climb back into the cockpit of your ship. We will even give it a valet :)

Down the Road
Q: Coops – what happens if I decide to Sell the Ship to another player later?
A: Because the ship is a unique item in Core Exiles it keeps its stats. Both those from its creation process and any you have upgraded along the way. Those stats remain WITH the ship when you sell it.

When can I start?
This process is NOW live. The items have been added to the Core-Exiles Store in their own Section OVER HERE.