Core-Exiles has well over 3,600 craftable items. With over three and a half thousand Schematics in the game we have 18 Schematic stores to serve these up. Let’s not forget there are 660 different Resources and Commodities used in these schematics.

So you now have some idea of the scale of Crafting in Core-Exiles – Now lets start somewhere SIMPLE 🙂

Most players will use crafting in Core-Exiles to ‘save’ themselves funds in the long run. Sometimes it can be more efficient to craft your own items than go shopping with your credits for those made by others.

A good starting point is ‘E.B.K. Booster Kits‘ – these come in many forms but they are used by players to repair their Hull and Armour and there are even ones to boost Shield regeneration.

Now we before we get started lets list the things you are going to Need To consider :

1: When crafting you must be at a port/dock with a Manufacturing Facility on it (See image below)
2: Resources required to craft an object must be in the port/dock’s Commercial Storage that you are crafting at.
3: You must have the Schematics for the object you want to craft.
4: You must have the correct Manufacturing and Production skill to craft the object.

For this example crafting session we are going to craft a number of E.B.K Booster Kit (Armour) PM 1

So lets make sure we have everything we need :

First we are going to need to purchase Two Schematics. These schematics are sold by a Promenade Store called Coopers Schematic Supply. Use the ‘CE Finder’ on the blue tool bar in game to locate the nearest one to you.

If you are Doing Jerry Coopers Mission she GAVE you the Schematics already .

If your a new player and still hanging out around the Feris System, there is one of these stores over on New Jerusalem. Dock there, locate the store and Purchase the TWO following Schematics :

E.B.K Booster Kit (Armour) PM 1 (15,000 Credits)
Nanite Loader Kit (10,000 Credits)

When purchased they are placed in your Personal Schematic Store. You can review this from the Bottom Right Hand Pull out Tab ‘View Assets‘. It’s the first option inside the tab.

When purchasing Schematics from a store you can also see what is required for that schematic to be crafted. Including if it requires Sub Modules (crafted items).

Crafting uses TWO primary Skills. Manufacturing & Production. These two go hand in hand and every schematic will require a certain varying amount in both skills.

Lets review the two Schematics we purchased. A look in our Schematics Database will show the following :

Under ‘Modules’ we have this :

And under Eng / Missiles we have this :

As we can see they BOTH had a requirement of 15 Manufacturing and 15 Production skill. So at this stage lets pop off and spend 15 points on both of those skills. – Continue when you have done so.

We can also ‘View Schematics’ from these two listings and see that we need the following for the Nanite Loader Kit

And the following for the E.B.K Booster Kit (Armour) PM 1.

I have displayed them in this order for a Reason. The E.B.K Booster Kit (Armour) PM 1 requires not only Resources IE Biogentic Goods, Refined Ore, Chemicals and Radioactive Stocks, but ALSO 2 X Nanite Loader Kits.

The Nanite Loader Kit is what we classify as a ‘Module’. Think of it as a sub component. You always need to build your Modules FIRST. And in some cases modules actually require other modules.

But for our Example build, life is simply we just need to craft some Nanite Loader Kits BEFORE we can craft any E.B.K’s.

OK so we have the Schematics and we have increased our Production and Manufacturing to at least 15 each. Now we need to collect our resources in a single place.

Most Core Exile players begin crafting on San Gallen in the Descarte system as it has both a Manufacturing Facility, with a 10 tech level so you can craft the majority of schematics, and a Galactic Buyers Market. You don’t have to start your crafting career at this location if you do not want to, it is not a requirement.

But for the sake of this example I’m going to collect my resources at San Gallen.

If you are Doing Jerry Coopers Mission she placed the Resources at McAlisters Ship Yard for you .

Resources MUST be in the local ‘Commercial Store’ for a crafting session. All resources are taken from there. Any ‘Modules’ required for the build are taken from your Ships Store.

OK so to make your life easier I’m going to list below what we need to make a Single Stack of E.B.K Booster Kit (Armour) PM 1.

20 Ore
2 Plasteel
4 Metal
2 Biogentic Goods
2 Refined Ore
2 Refined Chemicals
2 Radioactive Stocks

I will assume that before moving on that you have the resources above located IN a Commercial Store AT a location that also has a ‘Manufacturing Facility’ don’t forget you are looking for the following Icon on a promenades top bar.

OK lets go ahead and enter the Manufacturing Facility. Once we are in we will be shown a list of links similar to the ones used in your Personal Schematics Database. Only these ones link directly to the Manufacturing Facility.

Lets go ahead and click the ‘Modules’ Link this will then give us a view like the image below.

There are over a thousand Modules in the Schematics database, so for the ‘Modules’ view you will get a Search box. In this case we don’t require to use it as we only have 1 Module and its already listed.

Now we could click the ‘View Schematic’ button, but we already did that through our own Schematics Database and reviewed what we required and have prepared. So lets go ahead and click the ‘Build’ Button.

OK a few things to discus – Modules can be crafted in batches. Single’s, batches of Five or Batches of Ten. You still require the relevant amounts but it can save you a lot of clicking.

We can see that we need 10 units of Ore and we have 500 on hand (in the Commercial Store) 1 unit of Plasteel we have 500, 2 units of Metal and again we have 500 on hand.

We HAVE met the skill requirements and from the top right we can see we have no Nanite Loader Kits on board our Ship in the Modules storage area. Lets go ahead and Craft ONE.

As you can see from the image above. I crafted one Nanite Loader Kit. The kit was moved to our ships store and resources were taken form the local Commercial Storage.

Returning to the Build screen lets build ONE more. This will give us TWO Nanite Loader Kits.

OK having built 2 X Nanite Loader Kits lets hit the ‘Return to the Schematics Screen’ link at the bottom.

This time we are going to click on Eng /Missiles. All Engineering items and Missile schematics are stored in this tab. Again we don’t need to View the Schematic as we already did our home work. We can see the E.B.K Booster Kit listed so lets click the ‘Build’ Button.

OK we are at the Final Stage! – We can see the Required FOUR resources and ALSO the required Nanite Loader Kits. You should have enough resources (as long as you gathered them to the local Commercial Store and as we just crafted 2 X Nanite Loader Kits those are sitting in your Ships Store.

You can see all the Green Ticks so we are now ready to craft an E.B.K Booster Kit (Armour) PM 1.  Lets press the ‘Craft Item’ Button.

OK so we have just received (in to our Ships Engineering Store) 10 x E.B.K Booster Kit (Armour) PM 1. It just so happens that E.B.K’s come out in packs of 10! This is not true of everything and you will need to figure out what makes what as you progress your crafting career.

The resources were taken from your Commercial store and the Nanite Kits from our ships store. We made a ‘little’ XP whilst crafting these items, but we didn’t really do it for the XP did we 🙂

Now that we own the Schematics to craft these E.B.K’s we can craft as many as we like and even have spares to sell if we wanted too!

Whilst this guide is rather long it takes you through crafting a useful Repair kit for your Ships Armour. The method for crafting larger more complex items is the same, you just need to figure out what needs what and ensure you have the Resources and Schematics.