Schematics are the lifeblood of any good crafter. Sure, you need skills and resources, but without the Schematic to start you off you won’t get very far.

Schematics are broken down into categories and this screen allows you to choose the right Schematic to enter into the Manufacturing screen.

Available: Each category will only show the schematics you have available. You need to have purchased these from vendors / stores / NPC’s prior to this section, or you will find the categories are all empty.

Schematic Information: Click on a category, and you will be shown the Schematics you have available. You will also see the Production and Manufacturing Skill requirements to use them.

View: If you so wish, you can take a deeper look at each schematic. Simply click on the ‘View Schematic‘ option, and you will be shown the actual schematic data. This includes the full data required by the schematic to produce the end item.

Build: Using the ‘Build‘ option will start the process for manufacturing the relevant item of that Schematic. Please note that there are various stages to the build and this is only the first. Often it is easier to envisage what the Schematic requires by entering in to the Build phase (the next stage). This then displays in a graphical format for the requirements for the Schematic.

Footnote: It should be noted that when manufacturing items, the resources required are taken from the LOCAL Commercial Storage Facility. Modules are taken from your Ship’s Stores. If you do not have the items required, the build will not activate.

The only exception to this rule is when building from the Guild Manufacturing Office. In this instance, all the resources are taken from the Guild Office stores.

We have a guide over here explaining Learning To Craft. A handy guide of you’re new to the process.