Allocating IP for Skill Points

When you started playing Core Exiles you were allocated 5,000 IP points. As you ‘Level up’ your Captain you will be awarded more points. These points you then SPEND on Skills.

There are 18 Primary Captain Skills and 6 Alien Skills for later in your Captains career. Lets concentrate on the 18 Primary ones in this guide.

To get to the Skills Screen we access it via the Skills Icon on the blue footer Bar as per the image below.

The skill screen imparts a lot of information but paramount in this data is how many Unallocated IP points you have free. It will also show you how many IP resets you have.

IP Reset : During your captains career you may wish to reset your spending of IP. This is a fairly lengthy process as it requires to you pull up any buildings or facilities that use Structure Points and Skills, remove any active Mining Drones and remove all Implants and ship fittings. (Like I say a lengthy process). This when complete would RESET all skills and recover all the points spent back into your Pool of IP.

I mention this here now as you should CONSIDER the time it takes to activate an IP reset. So spend your IP on skills with care. Spend them only when you need to and not on a whim or you will regret it later.

Above are the skills i have already spent IP points in. You can see for instance I have 15 Skill points in Energy Weapons. Each Skill has a unique IP cost. So for EACH Skill point you will have to find X amount of IP.

Lets work through this example and raise our Kinetic Weapons Skill. Click the ‘Spend Icon’ on the button adjacent to the Kinetic Weapons listing.

This gives us a screen explaining the process and offering an example. I’m going to follow the example, that way keeping it clear. So I want to raise my Kinetic Weapons Skill by FIVE skill points. As each Skill point in Kinetic Weapons costs 210 IP points that means i need 1,050 IP.

I have added the Number ‘5’ in the Skill points box and I can see i have currently 2,950 IP available. Lets go ahead and press the ‘Purchase’ Button.

After a brief confirmation screen we will end up back at the Skills Screen. Where we can now see we have FIVE Kinetic Skill Points. My Unallocated IP pool has dropped accordingly and i now have 1,900.

Final Note : IP RESETS – These Only affect the normal NON Alien Skills. Any point spent on Alien Skills are there for the period of your Captains Life. Only spend in these skills if you are VERY sure that you need them.