If you are reading this, it’s very likely that you are a new player over at Core-Exiles.  The game is a large browser game with over 15 years of content, so it’s normal to feel overwhelmed with topics and information.  When you created the account, we issued you with some ‘Start Items’. These will aid you in starting out in Core-Exiles.

Take your time, CE is not a Race, along with there are no stupid questions 🙂

You will find these items in your Ship’s Store. The store is divided in sections, each section gives you bullet point information of the items stored within. You can view more details by clicking the ‘View’ Icon.

Early starter Items issued.

Mining Laser MK 1

A basic mining laser. It can be fitted in either of your ship’s two weapon slots. You will need to assign some I.P into the Mining skill to be able to fit it, and it requires 300 energy. You can operate the mining laser when at an asteroid field. It is not suggested for combat as it has a very low damage yield.

Sensor Suite MK1

We have issued you with a starter scanner. This is utilised when looking for ships to attack. The scanner requires skills in ‘Scan Tech’ and 200 Energy to fit. Once fitted, you can undock and scan for targets to attack. The Law Level of a location will dictate what types of ships can be located at each location. This type of scanner will find both ‘Good guys and Bad Guys’.

Starter Reactor (NS)

This is a special addition that will make life a little easier for you. Your ship only has a power output of 500 units of energy. When fitting items to your ship, you must have sufficient energy to feed the item. This is a reactor that can be fitted to your ship, extending your power. The reactor requires you to have IP spent in the Reactor Tech Skill.

You can fit two reactors to your ship. Reactors can only be unique equipped.

Starter Cargo Expander (NS)

This is a cargo expander. Your starter ship only comes with a small 50 units of Cargo space. This can be expanded by fitting cargo expanders. Fit this to your ship when you can and have enough skill (Device Skill) and energy. This will bring your cargo capacity up to 70.

Asteroid Scanner Rev 1

Once you reach level 2 you can fit the Asteroid Scanner. This is a basic version, but increases your Scan Rate. Both larger, more efficient mining lasers and Asteroid scanners work together to raise your Scan Rate. The higher your Scan Rate, the more types of resources you will find when mining. This scanner requires you to be level 2 and have skills in Scan Tech. Note, it has a high power requirement, so you may have to swap out some items when using.

Repair Drone MK 1

Because all new payers eventually try out combat, we have allocated your ship a supply of repair options. The Repair Drone is a single use consumable item. You can use this when NOT in combat via the repair icon when on the navigation screen. These items live in your Engineering bay in the Ship’s Store.

The Repair Drone will repair both Armour and Hull damage.

E.B.K Booster Kit (Hull) Level 1 | E.B.K Booster Kit (Armour) Level 1

We have also given you a collection of Hull and Armour E.B.K repair kits. These repair the affected damage based on Hull or Armour. These items live in your Engineering bay in the Ship’s Store. As per the Repair Drone, these can be used when on the navigation screen from the ‘repair icon’.

New starter Items began being issued on the 14th August 2022.