This is a Primer and NOT a full guide. It will outline what to expect and what not to expect. Make of this what you will, but its added to give you a leg up and understand the basics of Expanse Settlements.

Can I Have one ?
Sure, anyone over level 30 can TRY for an Expanse Settlement. It’s unlikely at that level you will have anywhere near enough Talas, Loyalty Cubes and resources. If those terms mean nothing to you then I suggest you leave the idea of owning an Expanse settlement for the time being,

I have Two Settlements already?
In that case, you should have waited. Captains can only have TWO settlements attached to an account. Be that Expanse or Non Expanse. If you have two and are desperate for an Expanse Settlement, your options are Wrap Up an existing one or start an Alt toon and get one for that when it’s ready.

Where do I get a Licence?
There is an Alien NPC in Yam on the planet Defiant. He will sell you one if you have sufficient Talas and Loyalty Cubes. REMEMBER, just like normal licences you can ONLY hold one at a time. If you already have one USE it or LOSE it! Licences are used up on deployment or overwritten if another is purchased!

Why are some so much cheaper than others?
The Naristro are a cautious race and the more you have travelled in to their realm, the more Faction and Loyalty you will have gained with them. Therefore, those able to reach these inner systems are rewarded with a discount.

I’ve heard the Hubs are Different?
Indeed they are. Scientists working for the ‘Project Next Step’ have completed enough of the project analysis to provide an in-depth report on issues using normal Hubs. It was decided that it was easier for the boffins to create new ones from scratch. They utilise Alien Resources and the Schematics are available from the Alien Justice League in Sharaia. There are SIX hubs for the Expanse.

They do NOT require Alien Construction certification. They were designed thanks to the efforts of the Project Next Step. Which will continue to research the Expanse and its many options.

Do I need Alien Staff?
Not initially, later you will need the experience and special skills of Naristro Aliens to defend your settlement and place advanced buildings. But initially you CAN use Human staff.

Note: Only humans that have DEPLOYED a Settlement in the Expanse can hire Aliens. they will not work outside the Expanse and will not work for someone who does not have an Expanse settlement.

There is a new store that Settlement owners can open from level one to access the alien employment register. Alien Staff are paid in Talas from your personal account.

Settlements that can survive the harsh environments of the Expanse require Expanse Hubs. These come in a set of Six and are required for Deployment. The Schematics for these will be available from the Alien Justice League. Once deployed, these Hubs will create a Settlement Tech Level 12.

Expanse Requirements
As the Project Next Step, scientists have discovered almost every part of life in the Expanse requires an Expanse modification. To this end, all buildings and add-ons for settlements require an Expanse Version. This means non expanse Buildings will not work or function in the Expanse on a settlement.

Expanse Buildings
All Expanse building schematics other than the actual Hubs are Alien Hybrid schematics, these can only be purchased from Alien stores. Bear in mind they will want Talas and LC’s. Whilst it is true that they will require some alien resources, they also require a larger amount of Human resources.

Settlement Development
For the most part, settlements in the Expanse will act like normal settlements. There are the odd differences of course, and certain companies won’t want to open a store there and some that are currently unavailable to non expanse settlements will be open to contracts.

Settlements in the expanse can level beyond Tech Level 12. They have their bills paid for in Talas. Alien staff on your duty roster will be paid in Talas. Defences (at Level 3) will require alien weapons systems and aliens to run them.

Income from stores and Offices on your settlement will be based on their Type. IE if its an Alien store you will receive your tax in Talas, if its a Human company then in credits. That way it should be relatively easy to keep up with the Talas running costs.

New Faction
The Expanse Settlements brings a new Faction into the game – The Valoren Freight Division. hey require their captains to use Alien Cargo Expanders and pay in Talas and LC’s. Levelling up in their ranks brings rewards and also extended delivery routes.

30% SRP Booster
Coops – Before you go! – Will my 30% SRP Account booster work for a settlement I place in the Expanse.
Answer : Of course.

The above is partly taken from an earlier post I made warning of changes to the way Expanse sets were crafted and deployed, along with the information about a new faction and stores.

We have NOW – Released the Expanse Settlement add-ons and you can deploy settlements in the Expanse. This includes some 400+ schematics. As The Project Next step moves forwards, we will add more buildings to the mix for settlements in the Expanse.