So you want a Settlement. You have done your home work, you know the costs and the likely hood that at least for a while you will be forking out large sums of credits without getting much back in?

Well then lets show you how to prepare!

First off you are going to need the FIVE Settlement Hub Parts. These can be crafted by you or you can simply purchase them from another player. Shop around as you may find some players have a set stashed away for such an occasion and will give you a good price. The hubs when purchased or crafted will sit in your ‘Settlement’ section of your ships store.

Now by reading the details on the Hubs you will glean you need to be LEVEL 25 and also have obtained a Settlement Deployment License. you can obtain the license from Ellie Durant. She works on San Ferran in Descarte in the Sphere Galaxy.

When you get there be sure to be polite and prompt with your answers Ellie is not to be messed with and as a settlement owner you and she will become well acquainted over the years. Chooses Ellie’s option to View Deployment Licenses. That’s her top / first choice.

Below I have cut a small section from the licenses that Ellie has available for me. As you can see they are not cheap and they are based on the location. So for instance Eden in Feris (starting system) is VERY expensive compared to say Knicky in Ferra.

Lets choose Knicky for this demonstration shall we. Note that if the slot states ‘Max Issued’ that means she has hit the limit on that location. You may find that a slot will open up there later should a settlement fall into the foul hands of the Official Receiver.

Having chosen Knicky we are shown the details of the License we are about to purchase. The funds come from your SHIPS account, so you must have the money on hand. If you don’t have it go back to the bank on the promenade and remove some more funds.

You will see from above that you can ONLY own TWO Settlements. This rule is written in stone and will not change. If in years to come you decide to up sticks and move to a new location it means dismantling your exiting settlement and purchasing another license and more fresh Settlement Hubs.

When you click the purchase button Ellie will ensure all the permits are in order and issue you a license.

Now lets run over to Kinicky and start the next Guide on ‘How to Deploy a Settlement