How Do I Enter My Mech In Combat?

 Now you have all your shiny new mechs, it’s time to send them off to do battle!  You DO NOT need to visit an Assembly plant or the Mech Combat Town in Drakos.

So where ARE they?

To view your mechs click on the View Assets pullout (in-game), then click on View Mechs.

List of all your mechs

Commander Level

This is displayed above the list of mechs.  You gain commander levels by winning battles and earning Mech Points.

Your commander level determines which sectors your mechs can enter.  At level 1 you can only enter Alpha Sector.

Total Mech Points

Mech points are gained by winning battles.  This total is obtained by adding up the points from all your surviving mechs.  If you use a mech with a lot of points and it gets destroyed, you lose those points from your total.

Each win gives you 10 mech points plus half the points from the mech you destroyed (if it had any).


This is a repair option for when you recall a damaged mech from the combat arena.  Repair costs vary depending on the amount of damage your mech has taken, and costs credits from your ship credit balance.


This is a refueling option and is only available for ‘Jump’ systems, and ONLY when it is out of fuel.  Refueling fuel is taken from your ship fuel tank and is only available if you have enough fuel in your tank.


This allows you take a mech apart and will return the parts for you to use again.  See: Recycling Mechs, How Do I Follow Mech Combat?

Decide which mech you want to send into combat and click on the View button.

Mech detail screen

TIP: If you move your mouse over each of the boxes you can see which parts you used.  This is handy if you have a mech that has been very successful and you can’t remember which parts you used.

Click on the Enter Combat button to select a sector and enter combat.

Mech detail screen

Alpha Sector
Commander level: 1 or higher
Maximum mechs: 2
Maximum mech HP: 1,500

Bravo Sector
Commander level: 3 or higher
Maximum mechs: 2
Maximum mech HP: 1,800

Charlie Sector
Commander level: 5 or higher
Maximum mechs: 2
Maximum mech HP: 2,500

Decide which sector to send you mech into and click on the relevant sector button at the bottom.

Mech deployed

Click on the Return to Mech View to deploy another mech.

Mech List

You can now see which mechs are in combat, which sector they are in and the Recall button is available for the ones in combat.


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