What are Mechs?

Mechs are the closest thing to PvP (Player versus Player), that we have in Core Exiles.  They are robots that you can send into combat in a special arena against other players’ mechs.

You can watch your mech battle, or just wait to be notified of the result.  Whether you win or lose, you will get a prize.  When your mech battle is over, you will get an in-game mail advising you whether your mech won or lost.  If your mech lost you will get some credits, if your mech won you will get credits, mech points and victory points.

The number of mech points you accumulate determines your mech level.  The higher your mech level, the more mechs you can have sitting in your store ready for battle.  Your commander level also determines which sectors your mechs can enter.

The victory points can be exchanged for festive points at a rate of 2 victory points for 1 festive point.  To do this, visit Lora Summers on Spark in Ferra (Sphere).

In order to start competing in the mech arenas, you will need to assemble your mechs.  See: How Do I Assemble Mechs?

Once you have assembled your Mechs, you will need to send them into battle.  See: How Do I Enter My Mech In Combat?

Now you can play as normal and wait for the result, or you can follow the combat.  See: How Do I Follow Mech Combat?


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