Player Guide – Part 3

Within the Core-Exiles game you will hear crafting related to in many formats, crafting, manufacturing, building and even production. For the sake of this overview we will call it crafting.

Truth be told crafting ‘itself‘ in Core-Exiles is a relatively easy affair. It doesn’t require a mind like a rocket scientist but it does require forethought and a little planning.

You can craft over 3,600 items in Core-Exiles. From weapons, shields, cargo expanders, specials, extractors, drones,  well let’s just say the list is long and with more being added each update, giving you some idea of how much scope you have.

You can craft items for your personal use should you desire or produce items for selling to other players via the Emporium or private sales via player to player direct transfers.

Should you wish to skip this overview – there is a step by step guide on crafting an Example product (E.B.K Boosters) Posted in the Guides Section OVER HERE Although we suggest reading this actual overview guide first.

The Basics

•   You need the correct skills, Production and Manufacturing.
•   You need the Schematics.
•   You will need to locate a Manufacturing Facility.
•   You will require the resources located in the local Commercial Store.

An Overview
Crafting can only take place at a Manufacturing Facility. This is shown as a small building icon on the main Promenade header when docked. There is one at Starbase-51 in Feris for easy reference.

Items built during the crafting process are transferred to your ships stores once the build is successful.

Resources used during the build are taken from the local Commercial Store. You must ensure that sufficient resources are placed at the local Commercial Store before attempting the build phase or it will surely fail.

These are the ‘plans’ you will use for crafting. There are 27 schematic companies dotted around the Galaxies, Waldos Schematics, Arnos Schematic Supply, Mero Brothers, Arc-Light Projects to name a few. Use the CE Finder to locate they one you want.

The schematic can only be purchased from these stores and is not transferable from player to player. They also cannot be sold, once purchased they are added to your ships Schematic Database.

You can access this database from the ‘View Assets‘ pull out tab on the right, then click on ‘Your Schematics‘. This will enable you review the schematics you have in your database and plan for the crafting ahead.

Each Schematic details the resources required and also the skills for this item to be crafted using a Manufacturing Facility. Once a Schematic is purchased you can access them at any time by using this database as a reference. When the time comes for the Build phase you will be shown the schematics you posses to choose from for the build.

The Build Phase
Having made sure you have all the resources in the local Commercial Store where you intend to craft from enter the Manufacturing Facility via the icon on the Promenade toolbar. (A small factory icon).

Stage 1 – Choose a Schematic. This is simply a representation of your current Schematic database and you should simply locate the schematic and click BUILD on the one you wish to craft.

Stage 2 – This will place you inside the Manufacturing and Production center. The schematic has been loaded in to the system and it is now displaying the resources required and available.

A quick glance at the Ticks and Crosses on the right hand side will show you the current status of the build. If you have any Red crosses you will be unable to proceed with the build. This may be due to a lack of a certain resource.

Also you will note at the bottom on the right it shows a YES or NO for the skill requirements being met. Should either be NO you will be unable to continue. You can exit this screen or if you are ready to build the item click ‘Manufacture Item’.

Stage 3 – This stage is automated and only takes a second or two. The resources are moved to the facility and your item of choice is crafted and when complete placed in your ships store.

If there was an inconsistency in Stage 2 you will be met with a screen telling you so and be prompted to return back to Stage 2.

Upon a successful build you will be placed back in the Manufacturing and Production center so you can repeat the process should you wish. You will note at this stage the resources have been removed so you may no longer have sufficient resources to build another item.

Many items require Modules as well as resources to be successfully built. Modules are sub components of a larger item. For instance EBK’s require Bio Good’s, Refined Ore, Refined Chemicals, Radioactive Stock and a single Nanite Loader.

A module is crafted from a Schematic – You will need ALL the schematics in a build list including the modules.

The Nanite Loader itself can be built using a schematic. So in some cases you will need to build the sub components first before the main event. You will also find that some Modules require other Modules to build them. So some forethought and planning is called for!

Some Schematics build more than one of an item, namely things like Matrix Units and EBK’s are built in batches. You can glean this information from the schematic itself.

This is a simple Guide to crafting and one I’m sure will be superseded over time by player made crafting guides, but I thought it only fair to try and give the budding crafter some simple easy to follow guide lines.

If you want an example step by step build read this guide OVER HERE