First off, this is a Primer, IE a guide to the AI Genesis War principles, and is not a complete ‘how to’. Much of the Genesis systems and processes you will need to refer to elsewhere, or work out for yourself with help from friends or guild mates.

What Are the A.I & What do they Want?
It all started back on Oct 25th 2012 (our time) when a Satellite Navigation beacon went missing in the Kinbnal system in Verec-Per. You can read the report OVER HERE. It didn’t take long for the consensus to be formed that the ships were coming through the Nebula and that they were controlled not by any kind of humanoid alien life form, but were A.I controlled.

Zoom ahead to today and we find Every system that has a Nebula in it is infested with the A.I presence. We still have no clear idea what they want but they seem to be interested in our planets resources. They will kill anyone that gets in their way and they seem to have an endless supply of ships and supplies that come through the Nebula on a daily basis.

They have taken total control of Twelve Planets to date, and attempts to remove them have not gone so well. Up till this week the Coalition formed by humanity has only been able to partially contain the A.I threat.

A lot of research has been done by various groups over the years since the A.I first showed up and there are a lot of conspiracy theories about where they came from and what they are doing here. But, their presence did give a boost to the Genesis Project, and through the adoption of that program by many private individuals, we are now at a stage where the Coalition is ready to truly fight back.

What do I need to take part?
From the perspective of the A.I War on planets and in the Nebula you will need a Genesis Plot. To purchase a Genesis Plot you will need to earn Genesis Points. This is done by supporting the war effort via deposits to the Genesis Project Offices dotted around the Galaxies. (look for them on the Finder in Game).

Once you have a Genesis Plot you will need to mine and manufacture QMG resources. These are then utilised through the purchasing of ‘Genesis Plans’ to build both the G.P.D.S systems and also the forces to be delivered within.

Whilst the above sounds simply enough it could be defined as a CE career all of its own ;) It takes time and planning so be prepared.

What is a G.P.D.S?
The Genesis Platform Deployment System is a break through in hybrid technology, allowing the movement of small, medium, large and even super sized fleets of deployable combat resources to the War Front.

I know ALL the above Coops What now?
The Coalition Council have chosen Four systems to make their stand in. This includes Four Nebula and Four planets. These have been added to a Deployment list and Campaigns started on each one. (As of 26th of April 2016).

Many of you have been stockpiling forces through Aurora Builds for a long time now and recently been creating G.P.D.S units for deployment. This time is now upon you.

From your Genesis Overview you will see an option / link for Platform Deployment. From here you can review any G.P.D.S you have available. You can choose to contribute a Space based force or Ground / Air force. The choice is yours depending on what you have available.

The process of choosing a G.P.D.S will filter the forces you have available to be delivered to the war front. Each G.P.D.S has a Deployment Point Unit limit. You can ADD & REMOVE units on to and out of the G.P.D.S until you are happy. If you leave the screen and go elsewhere the deployment will remain as it is until you return.

Once you have your deployment as you like you can choose the ‘Deploy Now’ option. This takes you to to the current live campaign view for your deployment type. Review your options and more importantly your force. You will notice that your deployment will have been given a Bonus Percentage. This is important and will give you both offensive and defensive bonuses in the battle to come.

At this stage it is NOT to late to go back and reshuffle your deployment. But once you are happy choose a location and hit the ‘Deploy To WarZone’ button.

Review My Deployment
G.P.D.S Deployments are moved to the battlefront and command given to the local Coalition Commander. They will utilise your force as they see best fits the ‘current’ campaign.

You can return to review an ‘Active’ Deployment either by passing through your Genesis Overview / Platform Deployment option, or by using the link in the right hand bottom tab in game marked ‘Active deployment’. Once on the deployment review page you can use the Refresh option to review any changes.

Campaigns & Sorties
Each War front is a series of Campaigns. Each campaign is a series of sorties. Sorties continue until that campaign section is complete. So when you deploy your force you will need to see how many sorties your force services. Each time a sortie is completed by the Coalition Commander an update will be posted to your deployment forces, along with an update to the Global war effort view.

Depending on your deployment force strength, bonus and the force they are fighting, (plus any bonuses from others being active on your chosen war front campaign) this will affect how long your force might last. Conversely how many sorties they will survive. If your force is depleted you will then be sent a communique from the Commander of the campaign with the results. At that time you may build and deploy another deployment.

A.I Fragments?
As your forces do battle they will attempt to recover any A.I code fragments they can. This is all passed on to the council for research and greatly helps the development of new technologies!

From your perspective the Fragments can be used to purchase NEW Plans. From your Genesis Industrial view you will see a new link for ‘A.I Fragment Plans’. These are purchased using your newly collected A.I fragments. You can review the ‘end products’ using the Info button in the list.

These items are built using the same Aurora Building system and use QMG resources just like all other plans. You will notice that not only are there more advance AI based deployment forces but also personal ship based equipment. This list will grow over time as players manage to recover more and more fragments via the war effort.

Closing the Nebula / Winning the War
The Goal of the war effort should be two fold. To close the Nebula to the A.I invasion forces and remove them from the Planets they have infested. Returning them back to their rightful owners.

Planetary combat is going to be somewhat easier than closing the Nebula, but both are likely to be a long drawn out fight. The more players take part the quicker they can start to shape the galaxy and remove the A.I infestation. But all is not likely to go our way and we can expect setbacks along the way. But we now have the tools to do the job.

What forces should I deploy Coops?
This one will rage for a while I suspect on the rumour mills and chat rooms. All I can say is that a much better fighting forces is a well rounded one. I’d take a well rounded battle group over a Brute force battle group any day. But you will have to figure that one out for yourself.

More Fragment Plans?
Yes there will be more plans, in fact lots more I suspect. But that’s down to you the players. We deployed a starter list and those are just the beginning but the overall Fragment collection will drive the release of more over time. Some of you have been working and planning out your Genesis bases for many years and this is a thank you to all of those who took the plunge and kept the faith :)

Overview of the War Effort
You can find a link to an overview in the CE Guides Tab in game.