Have you been diverted to This page?
If so, it will be for one of the following reasons. Please take the time to read and fully digest before trying again.

I can’t sign up?

This page is here as a landing page for those people with issues when signing up or accessing the Core-Exiles sign up or portal login. Core-Exiles has been around for 15 years, and in that time we have had to modify our sign-up protocols and rules due to the over whelming amount of bots and ‘bad actors’ out there these days.

These rules and sign up protocols may also overlap with ‘genuine’ players who just fall into some of the categories below.

To play Core-Exiles, you require an Account created. We require a valid, fully verifiable email address. If you’re not willing to give us one, you will not be able to play.

We only use this email address to send you a one time password and welcome email. After that, the email would only be used as a verification tool should you need to discuss your account or reset your password.  We do not use or pass on user data, and the only data we collect is your email and IP address.  Password are stored encrypted.

If you attempt to sign up with a ‘disposable’ non-verifiable email, you will not be able to play and have probably been redirected to this page. The aforementioned account will be later removed on our weekly maintenance schedule. You are welcome to return to the sigh up portal and try again, having digested the above requirement.

If you were redirected to this page, and you didn’t use a disposable email address, then it will be an IP Issue. READ ON – It will be that the IP address you are using is currently black listed. Each and every sign up is checked against an external service for Blacklisted IP, both Mail Domain and current IP.

What does ‘blacklisted’ mean?

Blacklists are most commonly a collection of email or IP addresses which have been flagged for sending spam. Many email hosting providers will use these public blacklists as part of their overall efforts to limit the spam they receive to their network. They regularly undertake an IP blacklist check and block communications from IP addresses that are suspected of malicious activities. The blacklist itself is a list containing ranges of IP addresses that are blocked.

The purpose of this is to guard the web and other internet servers from attack. This is achieved by setting rules within the host’s server software or hardware routers about what is treated as an attack, and then stopping the computers from connecting to that traffic again.

This isn’t just emails being redirected to an inbox’s spam folder, however. When an IP address is blacklisted, all emails sent will instead be bounced back until the IP address is removed from the blacklist.

Why does blacklisting happen?

Being blacklisted is triggered by a variety of set criteria. For example, if a certain amount of spam traps are hit or suspected mail spam is received from a particular email/IP address within a certain time frame, an email provider like Google or Hotmail will realise the IP address it comes from. In response to this, they’ll blacklist the IP address and any email sent from it will bounce back.

As the spammer shares the host, and therefore the IP address, of hundreds of people, innocent users will be included in the blacklist and be unable to send emails through no fault of their own. This is why it’s so important that the host is able to prevent or quickly remedy the situation and process IP blacklist removal as soon as possible.

How does blacklisting affect me?

If your host’s IP address gets blacklisted, any email that you send will get bounced back by the recipient’s email provider if they’re using the same blacklist.

Is my IP or email address blacklisted?

If you’re worried that your IP address or email might be blacklisted, there are easy ways to check for certain.

A popular tool for checking if your IP address or email is blacklisted is MXToolBox. It checks 100+ blacklists to see if your email address or IP is on any of them. If your address is found on any of them, IP blacklist removal is possible. Usually this is by resolving the issue that caused your IP to get blacklisted, then requesting to be taken off the blacklist, or ‘delisted’. MXToolBox also have a handy guide full of tips for getting delisted.