How to repair your ship

During your time here at Core Exiles you will often end up with a banged up ship. Be it from an event or from combat. Whilst most of the time its relatively safe to fly around with damage on your ship, you will find that certain organizations wont deal with you till your ship is repaired.

Repair When Un-Docked

One of the most common ways to repair your ship is through the use of E.B.K.’s (emergency booster kits). These can be found through looting in combat, crafted by yourself or purchased / traded with other captains.

To use an E.B.K. you will need to click on the spanner icon on the top right hand side of the green navigation bar when undocked.

From here you can determine which kits to use and how many. Simply click on the repair kit you wish to use and then click the ‘Use Selected ****** EBK’ button. Your repairs will be carried out instantaneously and can be seen in the stats of your ship as per below.

Repair When Docked

A second method of repairing you ship is to dock at a location and execute repairs there. Please be aware that not all locations have a repair facility. Once you are docked, if the location has a repair facility, it will be shown by the crossed spanner and screwdriver icon on the right hand side of the location bar.

Click on the icon to execute repairs. You will be taken to the ship repair service where you can decide which repairs you wish to carry out provided you have the necessary credits.

You’ll notice above that this location also offers to repair ECO-UPV vehicles. These are used to explore planets and later you may want to use this repair facility to repair these.