In Game Mail Explained

First off lets look at the footer bar. The blue bar at the bottom of most screens. The very first Icon on the footer is an evelope icon. This is where players, dev’s and the game systems communications are stored. You can read them, reply to them and send new ones from here.

The icon itself will have a number next to it. This indicates if you have unread PM’s (Private Messages) yet to read.

Clicking on the Email / Envelope icon will take you to the Private Message main screen. If you have PM’s unread or directly from other Captains they will appear on this screen.

There are links across the top these are :

Private Messages : Messages from other Players or Development messages or Important Game messages.

Notifications : These are message from the game systems designed to be ‘Notification’ level messages. These are there to keep you informed and to be able to track what you and your Core Exiles activities have been up to.

Outbox : These are messages YOU sent to other players. This is a copy of what was sent to them. You can also see if it was read yet and if you attached credits and if those credits have been collected.

Payments : This indicated how many PM’s you have in your mail box that have attached funds.

Sending a Private Message is simple : Click the ‘Write New Mail’ Link. This opens a new PM message box. Start typing the players name and the game will begin to auto filter until it finds who you want. Choose the name when you find it.

Enter a Title, keep in mind that the maximum length of a title is 50 Characters.  Then enter your message. CE has a fairly lengthy mail box allowance so you can write as much or as little as you like.

To keep you and your PM box safe we strip certain non alpha numerical items from your PM.

Finally you can CHOOSE to add funds to the Private Message. If you add funds you can only send up to the maximum amount you have in your Ships account. Funds will be taken directly and there will be no ‘are you sure’.

When entering a monetary value do NOT use decimal points or commas. Simply type the number as shown above.

Click the ‘Send this Private Message’ button and the message is sent. A copy is placed in your ‘outbox’. Private messages in Core-Exiles are instantaneous and you can ONLY attach funds.