Recycle Salvaged Junk

Recycling is done with the use of Recycling Processing Units (henceforth referred to as RPUs). RPU’s can be equipped in the Cargo Expander slot of your ship’s load out (the plain wrench icon), provided you have the necessary player level, skill level and available energy.

To recycle, you must be docked at a planet with a Commercial Storage present, as the RPU automatically deposits the resources there. Next step is to go to your Cargo Hold (the three boxes icon) and enter the Misc section of your hold.

The quickest way is to filter your Misc store using the drop down selection box. Select ‘Salvage’ from this list and hit the Filter Button. This will filter the contents of your Misc store for Salvageable  / Recycle items. In this instance I’m going to Ryclye a ‘Blown Power Coupling’.

Lets his the Recycle button – You will get a screen similar to the one below :

The amount of Salvaged resources you get is based on the Recycling Processing Unit you have fitted in your Expander Bay Slot. The actual ‘Types’ of resources are based on the items being Salvaged so these will likely change per item.

Having hit the ‘Recycle’ Button I’m presented with a screen informing me the resources have been reclaimed and added to our local Commercial Store. Plus we also made some XP!