Using a Fuel Depot

OK, so during your time playing Core Exiles you are sure to run into ‘Fuel Depots’. There are many ways to get Fuel into a Fuel Depot, these range from winning it in competitions, purchasing it from the Festive Store or externally from the Official CE store. Lastly with a upgrade you can also deposit fuel from your main tank.

The fuel Depot has an account for everyone regardless of how the fuel gets there. They look after your fuel until you need it. To gain access to it simply locate one in a Navigation screen.

Now you can’t dock with them (heaven forbid) but you can approach them (same as trying to dock) and access the Fuel Depots facilities that way. If you do it correctly you will see a screen like the one below.

Use the ‘Enter Fuel Depot’ and you will be given access to your Fuel Depot account. Below you can see on this testy toon we have 3,500 units of Fuel in the Depot. As it happens i have some space in my fuel tanks and I think I’ll top them off whilst I’m here.

I will click the ‘Fill your tanks from the Fuel Depot’ button which transfers fuel from the depot until either my ships fuel tanks are full or the depot account is emptied.

There we go. I now have a full 3,500 fuel in my ships tanks and have removed 376 units of fuel from the Fuel depot.

As mentioned earlier there are numerous ways to get fuel into your depot. The staff at Core-Exiles are always running competitions that offer up Fuel Tickets and server wide Fuel rewards. All these go directly into the Fuel depot account.

You can as mentioned purchase Fuel tickets from the Core-Exiles Store Whilst there you might also want to look up several devices you can fit to your ship to enhance the Fuel Depots abilities. These being with the ‘Black Raven’ and ‘Golden Eagle’.

Of course you don’t need them, the fuel depot works just fine without them, but for some players you can never have enough fuel !

Fuel Depot Locations


  • Kelsey
  • Vassa
  • Undadarny


  • Tornsul
  • Voren
  • Mostony

The Forge: 

  • Zarante


  • Lucifer


  • Nagova
  • Voltanis
  • Belgorod
  • Nazran
  • Cubin
  • Blake
  • Noril
  • Apep
  • Tetra


  • Perosh
  • Rismoro
  • Yam
  • Haine
  • Tantas