We see this a lot. New players coming into chat and asking ‘errr where can i find XYZ’ ? You are not alone and with over 650 resources and commodities in Core-Exiles it can be challenging to figure out where they all come from.

First off one thing to consider is that there is generally more than one way to skin a cat in CE. So you will have options and those options will probably have options 🙂

But lets start with a simple way to find out ‘Where’ your Resource or Commodity might come from.

From the top left hand side of the game interface, there is a panel titled ‘Game Info’. These panels slide out displaying a lot of hidden and useful screens.

One of these is the Game Info Tab. From here you can see there is a ‘Resource Lookup‘ link. Clicking this will open the Core-Exiles Resource & Commodity Lookup screen.

Warning : Depending on your internet speed and if your using a mobile device the screen may take a few extra seconds to load. This is because it has to collate a lot of ‘Live’ data.

So be patient and wait for it to load. You will note this opens in a separate window and can be kept open whilst you play.

OK – So we opened the window and have read the accompanying blurb on the top intro box. You did read it right? It’s important in Core-Exiles to get used to reading all the morsels of information put in front of you!

I’ve included a few entries from the screen when i opened it. You can see its currently ‘unfiltered’ and sorted by ‘Resource’ You can click the titles of each of the fields to resort. You can also fuse the live filter to filter the displayed data should you wish.

In this instance I’m looking for information on ‘Agro Grow‘. I have a mission NPC that requires it and I have no idea where in the game it comes from.

We can see from the view above that Agro Grow is a ‘Resource’ and the buying price at a Joes store is 77 Credits per unit. This is important as it gives me a base line for the minimum value of the resource.

We can also see it’s currently NOT required on any Galactic Buyer Market contracts. If there was a live contract for it, the view would show me the highest offered contract price.

We can see though that it IS for sale at a players Emporium!  But we need more info…

First lets see WHERE we might find the resource other than buying it from another player. I have taken a snap shot of me hovering the mouse over the Agro Grow Entry Info button. This shows that we can gather Agro Grow from at least the following options (there may be more) Combat, Exploration, Wreck Salvage and Planetary Extractors.

OK so we now know a lot more ‘Options’ to gather / locate Agro Grow. But lets say we are in a rush and we would rather simply buy some from that players Emporium.

Above I took a snap shot of my mouse hovering over the ‘House’ Icon for the entry of Agro Grow. Because there is a House Icon we can glean information on WHERE the players emporium is located. We can see from the entry that he is offering Agro Grow at 75 Credits Per unit.

Considering we know that Joes base price is 77 that’s a bargain! We hover and can see that the Emporium Name is Droffies Dented Scrap and that its located at Tagons Trading Post in Angusti in the Verec-Per Galaxy.

Important Fact – The display will show you the ‘Location’. This may actually be a Settlement ON a planet. It will be in the system indicated you may just need to figure out which planet.

So there we have it, how to work out WHERE a resource could come from and some options on how to gather it.