How to collect an item

During your time playing Core-Exiles you will have to collect items. These may have been sent to you by another player, or you may have purchased them or even have had them ‘returned’ to you by some automated in game process.

In all these cases you will find them at the ‘Collection Point’. You can review all the items waiting collection, by docking at any location that has a collection point on its promenade. A small box icon with a green arrow coming out of it like below.

Lets click on this and see what I have ready to be collected shall we?

OK its seems that various players have sent me various things. Lets look at these in order. Branco has sent me an Extractor, he didn’t add any fee so I could pick that up without a cost. Rexx has also left me an Extractor at Starbase-51 but added a 10 credit collection fee.

Walhabie has left me an extractor but it requires 8,000 credits to pick up AND it’s located at Parthius IV.

You can ONLY collect items from the same location. The listing will list ALL items, but you must be AT the location to collect it.

You will notice above that two of the items have red Cross boxes in the ‘Reject‘ column. This is because the sender added a credit value to the collection. Thereby giving YOU the option to reject the trade. If you do the item is transferred back to the sender, and they need to collect it themselves.

Lastly we can see that Bebeb has dropped me off 4 Ration Packs. These are Resources and can be transferred in to the ‘Local’ Commercial Storage for sorting later.

Commercial Storage is a Vast depot that can hold all your Resources and Commodities. If you are collecting these type of items from the Collection point you will always be offered the ‘option’ to transfer them to the local store.

There is no cost involved in storing resources and commodities in a Commercial store.

Anything that is NOT a Resource or Commodity can be stored on board your ship in its rather cavernous hold. By clicking ‘Pick-Up‘ you are agreeing to pay the cost if there is one attached and to have the item moved to your ship.

You must have the funds on hand (ships account) to pay for any collection fees AT the time of collection. You must also NOT have a negative balance even if collecting items with a Zero fee.