During your time in game, you will purchase countless items. These may come from the Player Market or from other players. You will also end up collecting things along the way that someone sends you or gets dropped off by a company or corporation.

All of these items will be stored for you up to 30 days Free of charge at the location where they were dropped off (sent from / purchased from).

Picking up: The Pickup screen displays ALL the items you have stored with them throughout the game. These could be at your current location or a Galaxy away. You MUST be at the location of the item to collect it.

Transfer: Throughout the CE Galaxies you will find ‘Commercial Storage Facilities‘ These act as personal long term / short term storage for you at no cost. The Collection point may offer you the opportunity to ‘Transfer’ the item/s to a Commercial Store IF one is located on the current promenade.

You would use this option if you had purchased more than you could carry in your ship’s CARGO bay or someone had sent you more than your ship’s CARGO capacity. The transfer option simply opens an account with the local Commercial Storage company for you (if you don’t already have anything stored at this location) and moves the items there for you to collect later.

Because the Pick-Up point has a limited 30-day shelf life, it is sometimes necessary to use this option. It can also be handy when dealing with bulk volumes.

Space: Items in Core-Exiles are stored in different locations. It depends on what the item is to where it will be stored. Be aware, you cannot collect more resource / commodity items than you have CARGO space for on your ship (That’s what Transfer is for). Items like Weapons, Shields, EBK’s and all tech based items that are NOT resource or commodity based can be collected and stored in your ship’s stores.

Cost: Sometimes you will enter into an agreement with another player and purchase an item from them. Rather than sending them the money up front, you simply pay for the goods when you collect them. The sender (seller) will attach a cost to the item, and it will be charged when you collect it. They will then be sent the funds automatically via email on your behalf.

We have a Guide on how to Collect items from the Collection Point – follow the link.