Out of all the stores you are likely to use, the Commercial Store may well be the most important. So pay attention. The Commercial Store works in a simple way, allowing you to safely store as many Resources and Commodities as you like.

Commercial Store used to charge for its use, but was made Free to Use earlier in 2016

How Much Can I store? You may store 1 unit or 5 billion units of any item, the cost is the same. They have no limit on space, so you can safely store as much or as little as you like.

Where is it?: It’s a common occurrence, you left some XYZ resource in a Commercial Store for safe keeping and wrote down the location on the back of a fag packet. Now you can’t find where you left them. The answer is simple, and you passed it buy on the way into the Store.

As you enter the store, there is an option. On the left, it clearly states ‘View All Store Contents‘. Strangely enough, that’s what it does, it gives you an overview of what you have stored throughout the Core-exiles Universe. This is ONLY a view, you cannot move anything inside this view, but you can find the items you may have mislaid.

Trade: This again is an excellent tool, it allows you to trade items to another player. Say you have 5,000 units of Copper Ore and you want to sell it to a Fellow Player. Simply use this option. You get to select how much to send and how much to charge for the items, and of course who to send / trade them with. Don’t enter comma’s just the entire price. IE 5000.

The items are then taken from your Commercial Store and placed in a locked transfer in the Collection Point, awaiting the player to collect them. An email is sent to the player informing them of the Trade. When they collect the items, you will be paid via an attachment to a private message.

Transferring: The method for transferring items to and from the Commercial Store and your ship and back is simple enough. The top section of the Commercial Store is a display of your Cargo hold and its contents. The bottom half is the Commercial Store and it’s contents. Moving items between the two is a simple process of clicking the relevant buttons.

Move‘ gives you an input box should you wish to move large amounts, but not the total volume.

Move 10‘ – ‘Move 50‘ – ‘Move All‘ are obvious as to their action.

Fill Hold‘ if it’s enabled it means you have insufficient room in your ship’s Cargo bay to transfer the entire amount into your ship, but pressing this button will fill your current ship’s Cargo space for you, filling you to your maximum Cargo capacity.

Crafting: The Commercial Store performs a dual role when you decide to become a Crafter. For Crafting to take place, the resources and commodities need to be stored in the local Commercial Store from where the Crafting is to take place.

Thereby, storing your commodities and resources in a central place where there is a manufacturing centre makes very good commercial sense in the long run.