The Ship’s Store can be broken down into Two Primary Areas.

First is the Storage for all those items you want to fit to your ship and use throughout your Captain’s Career. Items Like Weapons, Missiles, Cargo Expanders, Shields and the myriad of items that make up the Core-Exiles Experience.

The Second is your Cargo Store. This is where you carry any Resources and Commodities you will come across whilst playing. Things like Food, Ores, Gases and many, many more.

So What’s the difference:? Well, there is a Primary difference between the two types of areas.

Weapons, Shields, Systems, Reactors, Cargo Expanders, Crafting, Specials, Misc, Missiles, Engineering, Factories, Drones, Malls and Settlements are all limitless in capacity. In other words, you may store as many items in these areas as you see fit. (One of the few allowances we make to make life less complicated).

Cargo Space on the other hand is limited by your Cargo Hold space. This is set by the ship you own and the Expanders you may have fitted. As a new Captain, you will have a Marauder MK II. This ship comes with a storage capacity for 50 units of Cargo. If you were to add an expander to this ship, you could then increase the ship’s Cargo limit.

Tabbed Views: The tabs are set up to break the items in to sections, making them more manageable rather than one long list of your ship’s stores. The exception to this is ‘Misc’ everything that doesn’t fit into the other tabs is lumped into ‘Misc’ (Short for Miscellaneous).

Item Info: Each Tab will display the best pertinent data about those items. Normally this will include the primary information on the items such as Skill Requirements and Energy Requirements should they be a factor. Sometimes it may show Level and the item’s given “Damage or Output” factor if this is relevant.

View: This button will show you the full information available on your selected item. From here, you can view the individual stats and requirements for an item.

Sell: Whilst on the view screen and docked at a promenade, you will often find a ‘Sell to NPC’ button. This is a basic value sales price. You can probably get much more selling to a player.

Unfiltered View: A few of the other views in the game will ‘Filter’ out items from listings. For instance, when fitting an item, the list view will only offer you items you have the Level to Fit. The Ship’s Stores view however, is unfiltered in any way and always displays everything in your ship’s store, regardless of skill or level requirements. So just because it’s in your store doesn’t mean you can use it!

Trade: This is an excellent tool, it allows you to trade items to another player. Say you have 1,000 units of Copper Ore and you want to sell it to a Fellow Player. Simply use this option. You get to select how much to send and how much to charge for the items, and of course who to send / trade them with. Don’t enter comma’s just the entire price. IE 1000.

The items are then taken from your Ship’s Store and placed in a locked transfer in the Collection Point, awaiting the player to collect them. An email is sent to the player informing them of the Trade. When they collect the items, you will be paid via Private Message.

Always enter the price in a single number, no commas or full stops are needed. Also remember this is the price for the entire amount, so if selling more than one of an item at a time, this is the total price for all items in that sale.

Guild Store / Deposit: If you are docked at the same promenade that your Guild resides at (you need to be IN a Guild) then an option to transfer to your Guild Store will activate, and you can then choose to transfer the items in your ship store to the Guild Store. Depending on your Level of Guild Rank, you will have varying options when transferring items to the Guild Stores.