Player Guide – Part 2

Overview: This guide assumes you have Read Guide Part 1 and also completed the initial Starter Missions from Jonas Hawk on Starbase-51 in Feris in the Sphere.

OK, so you’ve made it through the training missions, you have a few credits a pop gun and a scanner so what now?

Well that’s where I thought you might like some ideas and pointers. Some clues as to where to go and what to do next, but a lot depends on you. Your game play, ideas, and style of play will dictate how you earn a living.

You could become a Combat Pilot, Hauler, Miner, Salvager, Explorer, Crafter etc, etc. You see the dilemma 🙂

Later you might bridge out in to owning your own Malls, Factories, Refineries and start saving for the next ship in a long line of wish lists.

OK back to reality, what does that all mean for you right now?

To get anywhere in Core-Exiles you are going to need a few things. Level, Credits and Skills. Almost all actions within the game that chew up Fuel will gain you XP. Some more than others. As you gain more XP you’ll begin to level and from there gain precious IP points to spend on skills.

So back to what to do next…

Mining / Refining
Simply put to begin with if you have the time and patience you can mine Ore from Asteroids. Drop it off at the local Orbiting refinery. Once you have enough Ore stored there you can convert it to refined ore.

Refined ore is a basic building block element and from it various other rare elements can be created by taking the refined ore to a ‘Rare Ore Refinery‘ refining it along with Dyzalithiaum Fuel and Water.  You will also need specific Refineries to deploy.

So from this you can see that you could mine Ore then sell it.

Mine Ore then refine it to refined ore then sell it.

Or lastly take the refined ore and refine to Rare Ores and sell them. You dizzy yet I know I am!

Mining More than Plain Ore
Mining is Far from all about Mining plain ore though! Grab yourself a better Mining Laser and look into the early Mining Scanners like the Asteroid Scanner Rev 1. This gives you an increase in Scan Rating when mining, and will begin to allow you to locate a more than just Ore. You can purchase this from Sonar Solutions.

To give you some idea of the scope of Asteroid Mining. There are currently 74 different resources that can be mined from the Asteroid Fields in Core-Exiles. Many are ‘localised’ to regions and some to Galaxies whilst many are universal.  So as you see mining has a lot more to offer than just mining plain ore.

You might like to also look into Mining Drones. There is a Guide on this topic OVER HERE

Hauling Cargo
It’s not a glitzy life but it can be a profitable one. Ashar tend to deal with the smaller cargoes and leave the larger ones to Wesbec. Each office feeds off a central database of mission cargoes that need moving from the current location to other locations.

The amount of cargo missions you are displayed / offered will grow over time as you gain faction with the various haulage companies. They will work out the payouts based on the distance and cargo amount. You get paid on delivery and you will also gather XP at delivery time as well.

Delivering cargo can be a lucrative way to make an income, but you need to pay attention to where you’re going and bear in mind that you are burning precious fuel. Try to learn where the Ashar offices are and try making return journeys with cargo on board as well.

Remember to use the CE Finder on the Bottom Toolbar to locate the nearest Ashar office to you. Then open the map (new Window) and then you can figure out where your chosen cargo has to go.

Increase your carry capacity with a larger Cargo Expander. The first one at an early stage is the Basic Cargo Expander Level 1. You can purchase this from U-Haul Technologies.

Combat Pilot
There is good credits and XP to be made from combat. But most players do it for the loot. Core-Exiles has very large loot list and combat holds a large share of that. All ships feed from a central database of ‘General Combat Loot’ but each class of ship also has a unique extra loot table it can draw from.

For instance if looking for Children’s toys or Ancient Artifacts you don’t want to be attacking Gal-Fed Cruisers or Pirate Mining Ships 🙂 Combat requires various skills to be learned and you will also need to become self sufficient in crafting EBK repair kits, or spend a hefty amount of your earnings on repairs at promenades, or purchasing from fellow player Emporiums.

We have a Combat Guide OVER HERE detailing the process.

Combat Missions
You can also take Combat Mission working for Gal-Fed to start with. Use the CE finder on the footer and look for ‘Galactic Federation Office‘. I suggest before doing so you find a System where you are comfortable fighting. Then visit a Federation Office outside that system and take missions for the system and ship types you have become accustomed to fighting.  This way you have a far higher chance of taking missions more ‘within your abilities’.

If you take combat missions, you can review their progress via the ‘View Tasks‘ pull out tab top Right and then clicking the ‘Combat Missions‘ link. That is also where you submit the mission for completion and abort if you cannot complete.

Passenger Delivery
Everybody needs to get around. There are over 59,000 NPC characters in game that are sat waiting for you to take them to their desired location. But before you can start on your new found career you will need a Passenger Cabin Module for your ship.

A starting point would be a Passenger Cabin Module Rev 1. These can be purchased at Diluco Corporation stores dotted around.

Again passenger’s tickets are based upon distance and also what ‘class’ they are willing to pay. Some will be first, some second some third class. The higher the class the more they will pay to get to their destination. XP and credits are awarded when the Passenger disembarks.

You will need a GOOD sense of direction or a keen use of the Finder and Map tools for this chosen profession. They assume you know where your going. So make sure you actually know, or are willing to find out and take the hit if it was further than you thought! (why not double up and grab some cargo missions as well!)

Choice, Choices, Choices

Mining, Hauling, Combat and Passengers are your best bets for a starter career in Core-Exiles. Each of these has their own challenges and requires knowledge of the game mechanics like ‘getting around’ and spending skills etc.

Should you choose one and decide it’s not for you don’t panic. Whilst you may have spent IP in skills you might now no longer want to use, it’s almost guaranteed you will need them later. Many players start in one career, move into a few others and fall back on to the first from time to time. As there is no ceiling limit to leveling in Core-Exiles you can over time master each profession one at a time, or simply become a major jack of all trades 🙂

Passive – Resource Collection

One thing you are likely going to want to start thinking about fairly early on is the collection of Resources Via Passive Methods. The primary one of these methods is to use Extractors on Planets to mine planetary resources. We have a guide on how to do this and it can be read OVER HERE

You might later also like to look into the use of Nebula Harvesters, again we have a Guide for that OVER HERE

Lastly a useful guide on where a resource might be found? Read OVER HERE

This concludes the 2nd New Player Guide. For the Third Guide please Click HERE