Core-Exiles prides itself on being as fair as we can. We allow you you play a FREE account for as long as you like completely for free, but we do have a few rules regarding your account you will need to bear in mind.

Email Prunes : We prune all in game mail each week that is older than 14 days, and 30 days in the archives. With 1000’s of players we end up with 100,000’s of emails each week being generated and we try our best to keep the Core-Exiles database trim and responsive.

Account Inactivity Deletion :  We allow an account to be inactive for up to 365 days. Once the 365 days of inactivity is up your account and all its possessions will be deleted from the database on the next maintenance period

When we refer to inactivity that means you have not logged in to the account during this period. Simply logging back in resets the inactivity timer.

This should be noted should you be going away on an extended holiday or perhaps you are in the Armed Forces and going away on detachment where you may not have access to the Internet.

Once an account is deleted it is not possible for us to restore it.

PA Accounts : Whilst an account has Premium Account status it will be exempt from deletion. Keeping an account in P.A. status ensures it is never deleted from the database. It does NOT affect the 14 day email prune which is server wide