Yes since October 31st 2011 when exploration on planets was overhauled :

Exploration and Colonisation Universal Planetary Vehicle

Engineered and designed by Tolaris Systems this is the latest in All Terrain Planetary Vehicles. Refereed to for short as an ECO or Buggy by those that test drove it during trials.

The Buggy is capable of surviving anything up to a Class 20 Planet environment. It copes with extreme high temperatures and can even navigate water and other corrosive expanses of liquids. The Buggy comes fitted with full life support for one, and has more than ample cargo space to store a wide variety of exploration finds.

Each ECO is equipped with an aerial drone. This follows at a safe altitude sending back digital imagery of where the ECO is located. ECO’s are designed to reside in the ships specials bay and will be automatically deployed when required.

The only draw back to the ECO is that removing the hardwired ECO system from a slot once fitted requires the ECO to be fully repaired. But on the good side they can be repaired with Planetary Vehicles Kits whilst exploring.

Required Level 15 / Repair via Planetary Vehicles Kits

This item is player crafted and also has player crafter repair kits.