Q: Does CE have a Store?

Most new visitors ask us this question, and this generally due to not wanting to play or sink time into a game that is Pay To Win. So let’s get something straight, Core-Exiles is not a pay to win game. Paid items do provide benefits, but only to aid your personal play style, and isn’t a requirement to play. As it’s not a competitive game, it all comes down to if the item provides enough of a benefit for you to want to buy.

We do have a store and yes you can purchase items to aid you in your personal progress. But as CE has no true PVP, you are not pitted against your fellow player. In fact, Core-Exiles is more about community and working to help your fellow players, than gun them down, or stab them in the back when they log out.

Q: But I don’t have any income to spend on games

We set up Core-Exiles over 15 years ago to be a Free to Play game. During that time, we have kept to our word, and you can play and enjoy the Core-Exiles Universe as much as the next guy without spending a cent of your own money. If you want store based items you can obtain these through regular held competitions, giveaways and though working on your in game Faction Ranks.

So yes, you can spend real money on items in the game, hey that’s how we afford to pay for two top level servers and keep constant development going over the last 15 years.

Final Note: Again, I stress Core-Exiles is not a PVP competitive universe. It’s about your personal journey though the game. Take it slow, or take it fast, the outcome will be the same. We have players with us from day 1 who are still finding new things to do and ticking things off their ‘to-do list’.