There is a basic premise used in Core-Exiles in relation to energy. It’s simple to grasp and easy to understand once explained.

Energy is shown on the tool bar as XXX where XXX equals the amount of energy you have available hovering over shows the maximum energy your ship is ‘currently’ producing.

When you first login to the game on a new account it will be showing 500 current and 500 max. This means you have 500 energy remaining to use out of a maximum of 500 being produced by your ship. (The ship itself is generating the starter 500 energy for you).

So how do I increase my energy?

Well first lets understand what happens is we fit something to our ship that uses energy.
Lets say you fit a Mining Laser. If you fitted a mining laser that for argument’s sake used 100 energy your energy reading on the bar would change to 400 (500).

If you removed the Mining laser the figures would go back up to 500 (500).

So as you can see as you add items to your ship they take energy FROM your reserve XXX figure.
Increasing your energy can be achieved in many different ways. Lets look at the options. First you ‘could’ simply purchase a Reactor from a Store or fellow players Emporium. Your ship can FIT TWO reactors and each one would add to your maximum.

Or you could fit ‘specials‘ or ‘pods‘ to your ship that act as energy boosters to raise the maximum output.

Lastly you could simply purchase a larger Engine for your ship from the Official CE Store. Each engine also comes with an energy boost.

So that’s three different methods, the most common is starting with a Reactor (look them up in the CEDR).