Whilst exploring derelicts you may find locations in the ship that can be hacked. To do this you need to shuffle the images until you obtain a matching image set.**

You must match the images within 10 attempts. After this you will be locked out of the system and can no longer attempt to hack that location. Each successful hack will allow you to recover an Access Pass.

Each pass is ranked and the higher the rank the greater the reward in both credits and XP. Rewards are also linked to your captain level. Unfortunately the codes are randomized for each section of the ship which makes it unique on each section hacked.

With each level of Vessel the complexity will increase so as you begin to explore B1-C10 class derelicts you will require specialised tools to aid you. Initially A1-A10 derelicts require no such tool, just luck and patience.

**Vi / blind players can read the tags of each image and match those.