The Commercial Store Transport Service or C.S.T.S. as they are more commonly known is an offshoot of the Commercial storage service supplied on many stations.

CSTS handles the transportation of your stored goods from the local Commercial Store to a remote one. They do it quickly and cheaply. They can ONLY transport items you have in stock at the local Commercial Store and only transport them to a destination that has a Commercial Store. Resources are NOT stored by the CSTS only transported on your behalf.

Where’s My Goods: If you enter a CSTS Office and find its empty then you have no resources at this local Commercial Store to transport. You need to be AT the location the resources are stored to be able to order the shipping to a remote destination.

Transport: Once you locate the resource you wish to transfer click the ‘Transport’ button and you will be met with a screen that allows you to arrange the transportation of the chosen resource to a destination of your choosing.

Please, take the time to read the instructions on this screen. They point out that they are not responsible for YOU sending goods to the wrong location, and that the list available is of existing Commercial Stores NOT CSTS Offices.

NOT ALL Promenades that have Commercial Stores have CSTS offices. The haulage company may be able to deliver to a location but you need to ensure its the correct destination as there may NOT be a CSTS office at the destination to reverse a misplaced cargo.

Next Select the Amount to Transfer. The default figure is the entire amount, but you may not wish to move that much. Then using the Drop down select the destination.

Once you are done select the ‘Transport Goods’ button. If you have enough credits and you haven’t selected to move more than you have in stock you will get a confirmation the goods have been dispatched. Generally speaking the goods will always get there before you do.

Deposit to Guild: If you are a member of a Guild you can choose to directly ship your goods to the Guild Store. This still costs 1 Credit per unit and does NOT give you the option to send partial amounts but it will safely transfer the entire amount to your Guild Stores. If you are not in a Guild this option will not be available to you.

Costs: Always bear in mind that transporting resources in this method is not free. Its a flat charge of 1 Credit per unit of resources. If you don”t have the credits you can’t transport the goods.