From the top left pull out tab (Game Info) click the Edit your Details link.

From this screen you can update your First name and Last name, as well as your current Email address & Password as held in the secure CE database.

You also have the opportunity to ‘Name your Ship’ – you can call it almost anything you like, but obviously keep in mind that other players can view your Ship Name in the game, so we would ask you refrain from anything offensive or antagonistic.

You cannot change your Player name, as this is fixed in the database to identify your account. All the other information can be edited and changed as often as you like however – so you can rename your ship if you change your in-game careers, or even keep a tally of how many times you’ve had it shot down, or if you’ve bought a new, better vessel.

Save Changes: This will submit the changes you have made and return you to the same screen.

Exit User Details: Use this option if you do not wish to change any of your details and simply want to exit the screen. Or after having made changes and wishing to return to the game.

Note: You can change details without changing password, only enter a new password IF that’s what you want to do.