From time to time we get players asking why they cant locate their mission ships from military destroy combat missions they have taken.

99.9% of the time we check the issue only to find that the player has chosen missions for rare or very rare ships. (not always your fault).

When taking missions for enemy ships it is good to have an idea of whats ‘common, less common and far more rare’.

This is generally done by actually doing combat in and around the law levels you intend to do missions for. This gives you a better understanding of what spawns where.

There are close to 9,000 unique types of ships in CE. simply choosing one you like the sound of or at random can lead to spending a lot of fuel ‘searching for them’.

If you have a missions that seems very slow to give you the ship you want try ensuring you have the correct types of scanners installed.

You want scanners that display red only targets. This gives you a 50% boost straight away over general mixed scanners.

Then make sure you have the maximum amount of scans per search. IE add as many scanners as you can when searching.

Following these simple suggestions will make hunting for ships FAR easier and less expensive on fuel.

So – watch learn and list the most common in law levels, have the best Red only scanners fitted and THEN go looking for missions.