Core-Exiles like any other web game is subject to the restriction of the internet and your connection to it. This means from time to time you may be changing out an item from your load out or perhaps making a trade with another player and your internet times out or connection drops.

99.9% of the time this is fine and either the transfer stops prior to the trade stage or the transfer is cancelled by the system. But nothing in life is 100% secure. So if you find you were in the middle of a trade or refit etc and an item has gone missing from the transfer, you will need to do the following to claim it back.

1: Log a bug either using the in game access to Bug Track through the use of the ladybird icon, or by going direct to Bug Track and logging your loss.

2: The bug report must contain the name of the item (please don’t be vague) the time it was lost and the action that caused the loss.

We can happily look back over the log files here at Core-Exiles and affirm you had the items prior to the loss and take appropriate action. Note, a claim must be made within 14 days of the loss occurring, after that time we will not action a search for lost or missing items.

PLEASE NOTE: A common issue is players transfer items to their Secure Store and forget they are there, or loan them to a fellow player or even sell them by mistake. So please double-check before making a lost item claim.