When you signed up for a Free account at Core-Exiles we asked you for some initial data about yourself. Forename, surname, email address. These we store and use should there ever be an issue that requires us to check an issue with your account. We don’t store this data for any other reason that this.

When you first login you are taken to the User Details Page. From here you can edit various things, including giving your ship a name. Once you have done this you can exit using the link in the top right corner. There is no need to change or enter your password unless you wish to.

So why do you end up back there when you login in next time or subsequent times?

You will notice that certain fields have an asterisk next to them. These fields have either been filled with duff blank or dubious information by yourself or we have replaced them with the default text ‘Please Enter’. You will keep returning to this page until you enter realistic data in these fields.

We don’t ask for much, just that you are honest with us about your name and your email address. You can play Core-Exiles for free for ever as long as we have these details. Again they are only used for security verification and not passed on to any third party.

So if you find you are returned to the User Details Page when you login its because we have detected that the data provided is insufficient for a security check or you simply blanked it out. Fill in the missing data and then exist using the top right link.

Again you do NOT need to enter or change your password unless you intend to change it.

Should you feel you are unwilling for some reason to share these details with us please use the ‘Terminate Your Account’ option in your player Bio accessed from the Blue footer bar.

Continued removal of personal data will lead to your account being suspended for security reasons.